Disney Princess Book Tag | Collab with Book Princess Reviews

Today's the day! For the first time in forever there's a collaboration here on Miss Abigail, and I couldn't be doing it with a better princess. This Disney princess themed tag was created by Of Stacks and Cups way back in 2015, so we've taken the liberty of updating it a little! As a die-hard Disney fan, … Continue reading Disney Princess Book Tag | Collab with Book Princess Reviews

Celebrating The Little Things | Tag

I'm sure you've all noticed this lovely little tag floating around the blogosphere for the past few weeks, I know I've seen it popping up all over the place. I was tagged by the lovely Ines over at Travelling Inside Books and I can't wait to share the love (especially after just reaching 100 followers, … Continue reading Celebrating The Little Things | Tag

The Festive Christmas | Book Tag

Today's the day! Miss Abigail's first ever tag post (we all knew I'd run out of my own ideas eventually). With Christmas approaching, I wanted to do a festive tag, any this was the first one I stumbled across. I believe this tag was created by Girl Reading last year over on YouTube. As I'm sure … Continue reading The Festive Christmas | Book Tag