10 Minimalism Challenges to try this Autumn

If you're a student, or if you've been a student (and I'm assuming that covers most people) you'll probably know what I mean when I say that my year will always start in September. It's back to school, back to reality, back to routine, so I always find its most inspirational time of the year. … Continue reading 10 Minimalism Challenges to try this Autumn

Bedside Table Declutter | #FeBoost Day 11

There are few areas in my home that are as poorly organised as my bedside table. For some reason, when I start thinking about bed, my body thinks it's hibernation and begins randomly picking up items 'in case of emergency'. Today, we need to fight or inner bear instinct and take back the bedside table. … Continue reading Bedside Table Declutter | #FeBoost Day 11

Technology Declutter | #FeBoost Day 7

Technology is one of those areas that people always seem to struggle with, myself included. There's something about an old phone or a mysterious cable that we just can't seem to let go of. In reality, there's probably a lot in your technology drawer that you don't need to keep, so let's get cracking! Gather … Continue reading Technology Declutter | #FeBoost Day 7