5 Ways To Reduce Negativity in your Life

It's easy to get caught in the trap. To get your head so filled with negative thoughts that you don't even realise they're there anymore. Sometimes, it almost feels good to indulge these negative feelings, but I'm here to tell you, it's not healthy and your mind will thank you if you cut them out. … Continue reading 5 Ways To Reduce Negativity in your Life

Wardrobe Refresh: My Spring/Summer Capsule

It's officially spring guys! Well, it's been spring for a while, but we're only starting to feel the heat here in Northern Ireland now, so let's pretend this is fresh news. It's time to put away the winter coats and boot and bring on the summer style. Since I work out of a capsule wardrobe, … Continue reading Wardrobe Refresh: My Spring/Summer Capsule

Challenge: A Basket Full

Good morning everyone, and happy Easter Sunday! Today, we're going to try something a little bit more experimental. Today, I have a challenge for you all (*dramatic music plays in background*). My hope is that this challenge will give you the kick up the bum you need to get cracking on all your Spring Cleaning … Continue reading Challenge: A Basket Full