5 more things I only remember to do because OmniFocus reminds me | Summer Edition

A few months back, I did a post called 8 things I only remember to do because OmniFocus reminds me and it went down a treat.

With the weather getting warmer and my schedule getting freer, the tasks I have plugged into my OmniFocus have shifted a little, so I wanted to do a little bit of an update for you all today – a summer edition, if you will.

So, without further ado, here are 5 more things I only remember to do because OmniFocus reminds me…

1. Water my plants.

I have never had, and will never have, a green thumb. I kill cacti for crying out loud!

However, by plugging in my watering and prunning schedules to OmniFocus, I have managed to keep a herb window box in my kitchen and a snowflake plant on my doorstep alive for over a month… they’re even starting to flower.

Since my outdoor plant needs watered less than my indoor plants, OmniFocus is a great way to make sure I’m not drowning them and that my concept of time doesn’t completely fail me.

So far, they’re flourishing and I couldn’t be more pleased!

2. Message friends.

Now that uni’s over and I’m less likely to need help with referencing or reading, my inner lazy person rears its ugly head.

I am a terrible message-er, I usually read the message and then completely forget to respond to it, meaning I could easily go a few months without talking to people unless they’re literally right in front of me.

I’ve made myself a little rota (I know, it’s a sad kind of existence) that rotates through my friends meaning each week I have one person to contact. It’s nothing fancy, but it does remind me to touch base with people I care about rather than frantically messaging all of them in 6 months’ time after I’ve forgotten already what they look like.

3. Paint my toe nails.

My finger nails are always impeccable (if I do say so myself), mainly because I hate looking at them if they’re naked or chipped. However, toe nails are a different story.

Having a toenail reminder isn’t going to change my life, but it does mean I actually get some wear out of all my cute summer sandals. Currently, I’m aiming for a repaint every 2/3 weeks and they’re staying in pretty good condition at that rate of going.

4. Change my bedlinen.

In the summer, I like to change my bedlinen more frequently (for what I think are obvious reasons) so it’s handy to have a reminder, especially in the beginning stages (by August, I’ll probably be more in the swing of things, but for the next few weeks it’s nice to have a fool-proof method).

5. Book hair appointments.

I have gotten really bad about getting my hair trimmed recently, and my ends are showing it! I’m currently debating getting my hair dyed, but I can’t let myself go there until I have established a healthy hair cutting routine – I’m sick of split ends!

OmniFocus is now reminding me every 2 months to book an appointment, hopefully, my hair will thank me!


And that’s it, I hope you guys enjoyed this updated OmniFocus post… I promise I will stop talking about this app someday… maybe.
Hope you’re all having a productive summer, let me know what tasks you always forget about in the comments below!

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