5 Apps (That Aren’t OmniFocus) That I’m Loving

I feel like I spend most of my time on here rambling about how much I love and adore OmniFocus and, I have to be honest, it’s still amazing and it will forever be my secret weapon. However, I feel like there are lots of apps on my phone that have missed their moment in the sun because I’ve been too busy raving about OmniFocus to mention them. So today, I’m going to give 5 of them their moment to shine, hopefully you guys will love them as much as I do!

1. Stylebook.

I have to be honest, I’m rubbish at fashion. My ‘style’ is relatively distinct, but it’s far from what most modern people wear and that means I find it hard to find pieces I’m absolutely in love with. Ever since I started thinking about capsule wardrobes and getting my price per wear down, I’ve wanted a place to digitally store, curate and analyse my wardrobe – like Cher in Clueless.

Stylebook is working for me on so many levels, but I think my favourite feature is the calendar where you can log your outfits, and the app will calculate the price per wear of each item. Not only does this encourage me to wear my entire wardrobe, but it also allows me to see which items I wear constantly and which ones I could really do without… it makes decluttering a lot less painful.

2. Daylio.

I was very sceptical about using Daylio at the start because I already have OmniFocus and my bullet journal to fill in every day, there’s no way I have time to maintain another app… right? Wrong! I use Daylio every single day to log my hobbies, habits and moods. As a minimalist, it’s really helping me to reevaluate which activities affect my mood and which ones could easily be laid to rest. It’s by far my favourite habit tracking app to date (and I have tried a few, so I’d like to think I have some authority on the matter).

3. Lumosity.

My daily brain training has quickly become one of my favourite parts in my morning routine (I will be doing a full post on my morning routine soon, so don’t get your knickers in a twist yet!). Personally, I only have the free version, meaning I get 3 games a day, but if you’re really committed you can pay to have access to every game you want and 5 tailored options each day… but I’m not that committed at the moment, the free version works like a charm!

It’s essentially the 2018 version of My Brain Training… one of my all-time favourite Nintendo DS games that lost its place in my heart when my console literally broke in half.

4. Starling Bank.

I’m not to say too much about this one, because I have a whole post on Starling Bank in the works.

All you need to know for now is that I’m a total mobile banking convert and this app/bank is totally responsible for that shift!

5. Feedless.

I had a real wakeup call a couple of months ago when I went into my battery usage and saw that I had been on Facebook for 7 hours in the past week… that’s a full day of work!

After that, I started looking for an app to control my usage and I found Feedless… hallelujah!

Feedless blocks your feed from appearing in Safari in both Facebook and Instagram, but still allows your notifications to be visible (and you can use the search bar to view profiles your really curious about). It does stop you from mindlessly scrolling through your feed and that has saved me a lot of time, but it also doesn’t completely cut me off from social media, meaning I can still run my business and chat to friends without losing half a day scrolling!


And that’s everything, I really hope you guys find a few of these apps useful and that they encourage you to use your phone as a tool rather than a distraction. If you guys have any app suggestions make sure to let me know in the comments below, I’m always on the hunt for my new favourite app!

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