8 Things I Only Do Because OmniFocus Reminds Me | Adulting 101

It’s been a while since I talked about the love of my life, so I figured it was about time he made another appearance. So today, we’re talking all about OmniFocus. I absolutely love this app, but I think I’ve only talked about it once on here, so I’m trying to rectify the situation.

Today, I’m going to tell you about eight repeated tasks that I have scheduled into my OmniFocus that I would almost certainly forget about completely if it didn’t show up on my to-do list every so often.

This is only one of the reasons I love this app, but it’s the perfect tool for bullet journallers (for whom future planning can be a little tricky).

But enough about that, without further ado, let’s take a look at the eight adulty tasks that I would definitely forget about without my trusty to-do list companion…

1. Changing my toothbrush head.

I’m not sure exactly how often you’re meant to change your toothbrush, I remember Lane (on Gilmore Girls) saying you should change it every 3 months and although I trust Lane, I felt like that was a little long so I decided to strike a happy medium and change my head every two months.

Personally, I really struggle to alternate tasks (if I have to do it every month, there’s a much higher chance I’ll remember to do it, but if I have to start alternating months things start to get complicated) this is the perfect way of keeping on track.

2. Change my razor blade.

This is similar to the first one, I know, just a lot more frequent. I’ve talked about using FFS razors before, and they’re great (especially because they send out an email every Sunday reminding you to change your blade), but I don’t change my blade every week, so we end up in a similar situation where I can’t remember how long it’s been since I changed it and then it gets dull and cuts me to ribbons – an OmniFocus reminder has saved me a slew of cuts over the past few months.

3. Wash my makeup brushes.

This is one of those tasks that I used to do a fair amount but still not as frequently as I should. Now I have a monthly reminder to help me stay on track and clean them before picking them up results in the brush leaving a large puff of powder in its wake.

4. Take my daily multivitamin.

Unlike changing my razor blade or toothbrush head, this is something that I have to do every day, but because I rarely do it at the same point in the day, I often forget if I took it today or yesterday and so I end up not taking it (just in case). Having a reminder that I can tick off when I’m done really helps with my consistency.

5. Putting out the bins.

I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere but in NI our bins alternate – one week we put out brown (compostable) and the next blue and black (recycling and general waste). I can never remember which bin to put out which week and for some reason it always seems like such a hassle to find out which bin it is, and then I don’t put anything out – having the reminder gives me no excuse!

6. Defrost my freezer.

I’m sure lots of you have more modern freezers that don’t actually require defrosting (lucky you), but I still need to stand in front of my freezer with a hairdryer every couple of months to keep it in good working order.

Much like changing my toothbrush head, it’s not something I do every month, so I used to always end up leaving it too long. This way, I always know when I should be starting to think about it again, even if I don’t do it on the exact day it pops up in my forecast.

7. Review my editorial calendar.

I like to have my blog posts scheduled fairly well in advance, and the only way to do that is to review my editorial calendar frequently.

Having a date set aside (usually I do it in the middle of the month and plan about a month and a half in advance) means I always have a rough idea what I need to get done and helps me to stay more consistent in my posting

If any of my fellow bloggers haven’t set aside a day to review your editorial calendar each month, try it out – it makes blogging easier, quicker and better.

8. Cleaning day.

Every two weeks I have a cleaning day (usually it’s a Saturday, but sometimes it’s an unscheduled day off work during the week). On a cleaning day I…

  • Wipe down my surfaces
  • Do all my dishes
  • Hoover
  • Mop
  • Deep clean my bathroom
  • Change my bedlinen
  • Process all my paper work

Having a day set aside every couple of weeks to stay on top of my cleaning is so important for me (especially since my home is also my office and my business premesis) so allotting time to maintain it is a great help.


And that’s it, 8 things that I have scheduled into my OmniFocus that I would definitely forget 90% of the time if it didn’t appear on my to-do list automatically.

Although I love OmniFocus and will recommend it to anyone who’ll listen, you could just as use the reminders on your phone, your digital calendar, or even your alarms app to achieve the same result, whatever’s easiest for you. Whatever way you chose to approach it, my challenge to you is to set up a reminder for one task that you always forget to do, but really needs to be done consistently (something in the household depatment is a great place to start, especially since it’s Spring Cleaning Season).

Happy adulting everyone!

5 thoughts on “8 Things I Only Do Because OmniFocus Reminds Me | Adulting 101

  1. this actually sounds great! 😍😍 I, too, always forget to wash my makeup brushes and defrost my freezer. I try to do it every summer though, but I think it depends on every model how long it’ll last! anyway, sounds great and I’m definitely checking this out to see if it helps me remember everything I need to do! x


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