10:10 Challenge | Introduction

Wait, what? Abby’s posting on a Monday? This can’t be right, she must have got the scheduling wrong.

I assure you my friend, this interruption to my usual programming is intentional and has everything to do with the fact that as of today there are exactly 10 days left in January. 10 days left to make this month a success and to take real steps towards bettering your life.

So, why not join me on a little 10 day challenge?

This may become a series (I’m still a little undecided) but the essence is as follows…

For 10 days, you have to pick one habit that you’d like to form and you have to practice it for 10 minutes every single day.

It can be anything you like, anything you think would improve your life, but I’ll give you some ideas:

  • Meditate (this is what I’m going to be doing for my January challenge)
  • Exercise (yoga, run, cycle, stretch etc)
  • Housework (tidy up, clean your bathroom, wipe down your surfaces, hoover one room, dust one area)
  • Declutter (by area, by category)
  • Self-care (skin care, hair care, mindfulness)
  • Write (write a novel, journal, bullet journal)
  • Read (non-fiction, fiction, school books, blogs etc)

Like I said, it can be absolutely anything, but the idea is that you pick something that you’ve wanted to try for ages and that you think will really improve your life.

I’ll let you know how my meditation challenge goes at the beginning of next month, but if you choose to join me make sure you let me know what habit you’ll be trying! See you in the comments!

9 thoughts on “10:10 Challenge | Introduction

  1. This is a great idea! Hmmm… So many things to pick from… I’m going to work on keeping my kitchen tidy. Before I go to bed, I’ll spend at least 10 minutes each night tidying in my kitchen. 🙂


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