Minimalist Medicine Cabinet for the constantly poorly

*Cough cough* I’m sick (Mean Girls reference not intended, but noted).

Since this is a text-only blog, you may not know that I almost perpetually in a state of unwellness. I’m not dying, and I know there are people out there suffering a lot worse than I am, but my asthma essentially means that if there is a virus floating around, it will find me… and did I mention that I work in a day-care full of infectious children?

Today, I’m compiling a list of everything I keep stocked in my minimalist medicine kit in my module centre at home. If you get a lot of prescriptions it’s easy to lose track of what you have, what’s in date, and what that funny powder actually does, so this is your chance to declutter, decontaminate and make being sick a little more manageable.

1. Paracetamol

As an asthmatic, it’s not recommended that I take Neurofen or Ibuprofen as they can affect my airways, so paracetamol is my go-to painkiller. Personally, I’m a caplets (rather than capsules) person and I always have a stash on hand. I have them in my handbag, my uni bag, my car, my kitchen, my locker at work – everywhere!

Not only is paracetamol great for cramps, and headaches, but it can also help alleviate many of these symptoms brought on by the common cold (runny noses included), what more can you want?

2. Lemsip Packets/Tablets

If you’re bad at taking tablets or want something a little bit more comforting, Lemsips are great. I usually end up using the mug as a sort of steamer by breathing in the lemony fumes whilst I sip.

These are great just before bedtime as both a night-time comfort and a little bit of relief.

3. Cough syrups

I know cough syrup doesn’t really do anything to cure your ailment, but it does give a little bit of relief (and that’s often enough when you feel like you’re about to cough out a lung).

Personally, I usually have both a mucus/chesty cough and a dry/tickly cough syrup on hand, but if you want just one for emergencies that’s more than enough! Always go non-drowsy if you can.

4. Decongestant nasal spray.

These are amazing when they work, but they’re not going to be suitable all the time. If your nose is already super runny, this isn’t going to help. But if you’re finding it difficult to breathe through your nose or are constantly sniffing, these are amazing. They will make your nose run more for a while after use so beware, but they really help to clear out your sinuses and give a little bit of a break from all the nose blowing!

5. Strepsils

Can you tell that when I’m sick it’s normally because I have a cold/flu? Strepsils (or another brand of throat sweet) are a must, for sore throats/coughs and are great to just throw in your bag as a just-in-case.

6. Anthisan

I must have sweet blood because I am bitten or stung by every flying creature that has the chance. This is a great one to have on hand as it can bring instant relief and really help elevate itching and scratching after a bite.

7. Germolene/Savlon Antiseptic Cream

I’m you have a cat scratch, wound or even just a paper cut, having some antiseptic cream on hand is essential. Need I say more?

8. Plasters

To cover up a shaving injury (we’ve all been there) or to put over your anthisan/antiseptic cream after application (that way you avoid having unidentified cream smears over the inside of your clothing!).

9. Blister plasters

As a girl who loves impractical shoes, Compeed blister patches are a must, particularly the ones for your heel – lifesavers.

10. Bonjela

I feel like this is probably a fairly niche one, but it’s a versatile product so you’re bound to find a use for it eventually. I have a denture so this is great for any pulls or cuts on my inner cheeks and gums, also great for mouth ulcers and cold sores plus it doesn’t taste disgusting which is a huge bonus.


Obviously, it goes without saying, that I am not a doctor and so this should all be taken with a grain of salt. I have had many colds, flus, falls and scrapes in my life and this is what I find I need on hand, but you might be totally different and that’s okay!

Always follow the instructions on the packet and of course, invest in other products if/when you find yourself needing them – these 10 items will not fix every problem, just my most common ones!

Let me know what staple medicine/first-aid products you always have in your house in the comments below, any miracle products I’ve not heard of?

2 thoughts on “Minimalist Medicine Cabinet for the constantly poorly

  1. I know we are in different countries which may have something to do with it, but I didn’t recognize the names of about half the things on your list! (Some I did recognize by the description eventually.) Whenever I have a cold coming on I take small hourly doses of vitamin C – generally doesn’t hurt someone if they aren’t sick, but can help a lot if they are. Also when possible extra sleep seems to help too. Here in the US we have “emergen-C” tablets you dissolve in water and drink when a cold starts to lessen the symptoms.


  2. Alka Seltzer plus cold and sinus formula, not the liquid gels but plop, plop fizz, fizz Alka-Seltzer, vitamin C, Quercitin with Bromelain, Zinc, Magnesium, my essential oil diffuser, humidifier, and Epsom Salt baths.


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