The 50 Item Challenge | New Years Challenge

I mentioned the 50 Item Challenge in my 2018 Resolutions post a week ago and at last I’m getting around to filling you all in. Plus, I have a special surprise for you at the end!


  • To develop a better relationship with money and to save, save, save!
  • To monitor and control what you’re bringing into your life.
  • To spend your time and money on things that matter to you.


  • It doesn’t count if:
    • It’s going to remain in your home for less than a month. (For example, toiletries, kitchen goods, cleaning supplies etc, essentially perishable items)
    • It’s a replacement for something that runs out or gotten broken. (A top with a hole in it, a shade of lipstick that’s run out, a frying pan with a broken handle etc, in other words essential non-perishable items.)
  • It does count if:
    • It’s a backup or replacement (e.g. a new nail polish, buying shampoo in bulk etc).
    • Any new home décor or household items.
    • Any gifts or items that you decide to keep.


  • This isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s a challenge after all!
  • Nobody’s perfect, don’t worry if you go over 50 items, just get as close as you can.
  • Keep me updated over on Instagram @missabigailanderson, we’re in this together!

To download a free 50 Item Challenge printable click here -> The 50 Item Challenge

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