January 2018 | Plan With Me

It’s hard to believe that this is my first plan with me in my new 2018 bullet journal! I’ve now been bullet journalling for a year and a half and I absolutely love it, I can’t wait to see what spreads and doodles come about this year.


I decided to keep it simple this month with a snowdrop theme, they’re my absolute favourite flower and using them this month has helped to fill the inevitable post-Christmas void!

Since it’s the first month on the year, I’m not sure what spreads are going to be useful, so I’ve kept most of them the same for now as a test to see what I can adapt and improve in February.

Monthly log

Unsurprisingly, my monthly log is the same as always. I find the 3 column spread works really well for me at the moment as it allows me to plan when I’m at uni, when I’m at work and other various activities and events.

I stuck with the snowdrop theme again here, but kept it as simple as possible – this spread always gets very full and can look way too busy if I’m not careful, so simplicity is key.

A line a day/ Monthly TBR

These two spreads are new additions, two new additions that I’m hoping will become a monthly staple.

The first is my one line a day spread.

I really enjoyed having a gratitude log this past month so I really wanted to try it again in January. However, I didn’t think the calendar layout was quite right for the new year, so I’ve gone with a simple line-a-day style set up.

The second spread is my new TBR tracker.

The idea being that I write down all the books I’d like to read that month and shade in the pages as I finish them. Honestly, I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about this spread, but it’s worth a try and it looks really pretty!

Weekly Spread

Since this month was pretty typical for me, I thought I’d also give you a sneak peek at my first weekly spread for this year. It doesn’t need a lot of explanation, it’s just another one of my traditional weekly spreads, but I thought you might like to see it nonetheless.


So, there you have it, a pretty simple plan-with-me I’ll admit, but I’m trying to keep things a bit straightforward this month!

Make sure to show me all your creations over on Instagram (@missabigailanderson), I love seeing fellow bullet journalers share their doodles, it’s a great way to get inspiration.

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