New Year’s Resolutions | 2018

If you were here from my 2017 Goals post in December last year, you may remember that I had big plans for this past year. I’m not going to get into my progress too much in this post (I have an elaborate wrap up to come before the end of the year), but I will admit that I felt my focus was scattered and that it really affected my feelings of fulfillment and improvement. I’ve learned from my mistakes and so today I’m going to share with you my 2018 goals and explain how I’ve changed my goal setting process to try and feel more accomplished in December 2018.

Rather than having a theme (like I did last year) I have three overarching categories to focus on instead. They are…

  • Finance
  • Health
  • Business

These three themes obviously have a lot of scope so I’ve divided the year into 4 quarters, meaning I have four baby goals within each category to focus on each quarter. I’m hoping that this new system will allow me to see a tangible difference throughout the year rather than simply working towards a large, abstract concept.

I guess the easiest way to explain is just to show you how it’s working, so here are my current goals in each of the three categories…


  1. Finally become debt free (well, overdraft debt free).
  2. Open a second savings account with a better interest rate and the money’s harder to spend!
  3. Save £1000 this summer through extra work.
  4. Have saved £3000 this year.


  1. Weekly meal prepping every week for one month.
  2. Drink 2 litres of water a day (start tracking my water using only one water bottle for ease).
  3. Go for a daily walk every day for one month.
  4. Do yoga every day for two weeks.


  1. Create my first Speech and Drama lesson plan pack.
  2. Complete all the legwork for my Speech and Drama Summer School.
  3. Get my Speech and Drama program into at least one other daycare.
  4. Get my first class of Step 1’s through their exams!

By really focusing my energy on three simple tasks for three months straight I’m hoping I can see some serious progress this year. Obviously these goals are liable to change and will be reevaluated every quarter to make sure they’re still serving me and my interests, but for now, if I finished 2018 by completing all these things I’d be a happy camper.

In terms of blogging, my Dear 2017 series is getting a new year’s makeover. Since I’m tracking my goals quarterly, my new series will also take place quarterly at the beginning of each season.

I hope you have a wonderful year guys, make sure you let me know some of your 2018 (if they’re not too personal) in the comments below!

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