The Christmas Movie Countdown

So, after my Christmas Movies It’s Acceptable To Watch Before December post I promised to do a December edition. I had planned to post this earlier in the month, but uni got in the way so I’m compressing the calendar, I hope you don’t have any big plans.

14th-19th December

We’re kicking off the season with some comedies, an easy way to start as you can have them on in the background while you pick out your presents online or wrap or decorate or whatever else you need to get done.

1. Christmas with the Kranks

Cause who doesn’t love a movie about a couple trying to avoid Christmas and then inevitably embracing the Christmassy-ness with a lot of humour thrown in for good measure?

2. Deck the Halls

This is a movie that my mum hates, but still admits she needs to watch every year in order for it to feel like Christmas, a classic is a classic is a classic.

3. Nativity!

This is the most British thing I’ve ever watched and I love it! Any Sherlock fans will be particularly happy.

20th-22nd December

Now it’s time for the schools to finish and the true Christmas-classic-watching to commence. These movies are going to truly get you into the Christmas spirit, so buckle down, have some hot chocolate on hand (marshmallows are optional) and snuggle up.

4. Elf

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

5. Home Alone

Need I say more?

23rd-25th December

Now it’s time for the really Christmassy movies, they’re perfect to watch on either Christmas Eve or Christmas afternoon (once you’re stuffed with turkey).

6. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This is a great one to watch (with or without kids) on Christmas Eve, Santa will allow you to stay up a little later for this one.

7. Polar Express

The perfect way to relax on a Christmas evening, it’s one of the more relaxing Christmas movies on this list, but it has tonnes of Tom Hanks so it’s worth it.

26th-29th December

Now, I know Christmas is over, but you can’t just quit cold turkey (pun intended), you need to ease yourself out of it.

8. It’s A Wonderful Life

It’s a tradition in my family to watch this on Boxing Day, even though it’s a Christmas movie it just seems to fit. It’s another one that goes well with turkey.

9. Arthur’s Christmas

Again, I know this has Christmas in the title, but this feels suitable as a post-Christmas choice, plus it’s on Netflix so you don’t have to worry about looking through channels or finding old DVDs.


And there you have it, enough Christmas movies to bring you well past Christmas and prevent major withdrawal symptoms. Make sure to let me know what your favourite Christmas movies are in the comments down below! See you tomorrow!!

5 thoughts on “The Christmas Movie Countdown

  1. Hello Abigail, I’m Raffi and I LOVE your blog! I have just given you a lil’ follow, hoping you can do the same for me! 😉 I (also) adore all of these movies anytime of the year!
    ~Raffi xx

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