Quick and Easy Halloween Doodles | How To

Even though I don’t really celebrate Halloween myself, it is something that I like to represent in my bullet journal spreads (it gives you that October vibe like nothing else).

So today, I wanted to share with you all 5 quick and easy doodles that require little to no artistic talent, but that can incorporate the Halloween spirit into your bullet journal or planner spreads.

Let’s not waste time nattering, grab a page, a pencil and let’s doodle!

IMG_1213This one is so easy to do, and it can be used in any title or header you have going.

Personally, I’d recommend using it on a letter with a pointed top (like an A, M or N) or a round top (like an o, g or q)… but it’s up to you, the doodler.

1. Write out your title in whatever font you desire, it’ll work regardless of whether you use calligraphy or print letters.

2. Select the letter you wish to adorn with your hat and draw a triangle the size and position you want your hat to take.

3. Extend the bottom line of the triangle to create the brim and shade the triangle black.

Voila, Halloween vibes in no time and with minimum effort.



This next doodle is designed to peek in from the side of the page or to poke out from behind a box or calendar.

IMG_12181. To draw the general shape of the tale, all you need to do is create a sort of wiggly sausage shape.

2. To make the cat look fluffy, go over the outline of the tale with a fine black marker using short, sharp strokes perpendicular to the original outline.

3. Shade the centre of the tale black.

I really like the subtlety of this one, you could even draw some whiskers poking in as well if you wanted to take it a step further.

This next one is perfect for your dailies or weeklies as it’s decorative whilst still providing functional writing space (sort of like a hand drawn post it note).

IMG_12391. Start with a pencil, by drawing a square. If you’re unsure how much space you’ll need, make it bigger than your estimation rather than smaller.

2. Round off the top two corners of the square (you’ll possibly loose a little bit of the height at this point, but that’s okay).

3. Draw a long thin rectangle at the bottom of your gravestone to create the base.

4. Now it’s time to swap to a pen, and to go over your base and the general outline of the gravestone.

5. If you want, you can colour the stone grey, but it’s up to you, it looks just as good colourless.

6. Using your scariest writing, put in your header. (I used a font that was sort of modelled on Times New Roman, and I think it turned out really well!)

You could use this space for meal planning, habit tracking, or any other little areas you want to stand out or separate from the rest of the page.

Now let’s try a more subtle doodle, one that can take up as much or as little space as you want!

To avoid the hassle of having to draw bodies and hands, we’re going to have this mummy a little abstract, peeking out from the page.

IMG_12341. Start by drawing an eye using whatever style you’re used to or find easiest (they can be circular, diamonds, ovals or pinpricks… it’s up to you and your artistic flair).

2. Using a pencil, draw a few bandages leaving an uneven space around the eye, keep working at it until you’re happy.

3. As this doodle doesn’t really have set borders, it sort of merges into the page eventually, don’t worry about making all your lines the same length or having them finish at the same point. Instead, have them unevenly taper off.

4. Then, it’s time to colour, you have a few options with this one… you could use a basic fleshy colour, or (if you want it to look really dead) you could go with a greeny tint.

5. For a further spooky touch, try adding a red, green or yellow ring around the pupil of the eye.

You’re getting a little bit of a bonus here, as I’m going to walk you through two different Halloween treats.

IMG_12241. Start with a pencil and draw a long-ish triangle.

2. Round the corners of the triangle and give the edges a little bit more of a curve, you don’t want it to look too harsh.

3. Divide the triangle into three even sections (it doesn’t have to be perfect, just make them as equal as possible).
4. Go over your outline in pen and colour the 3 sections white, orange and yellow.


sweet.pngIMG_12301. With a pencil, start by drawing one large-ish circle (this will be the shape of the sweet without the wrapper)

2. Draw 2 smaller circles on either side of the original, slightly overlapping the big circle.

3. Then, draw 2 triangles coming out of the two smaller circles (these will be the wrapper).

4. When you go over everything with a pen, keep the entirety of the original large, sweet circle and then proceed to go over whatever is not overlapping in the smaller circles.

5. When going over the triangles, make the lines a bit wiggly and messy (so they look like the twisted plastic wrap).

6. Colour them in whatever colour you desire!


And there you have it, if you want more Halloween doodles (or I you’re still not willing to draw these yourself) make sure you check out my Etsy shop, I have a new Halloween doodle pack available right now!

If you recreate any of these doodles please let me see on Instagram, I love recreations!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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