How To Start A Bullet Journal – Without Breaking The Bank | My Bullet Journal Starter Kit

I know we’ve all said that you can start a bullet journal with nothing more than a BIC biro and a block of file paper – and that’s true. However, sometimes the bare minimum just doesn’t cut it, and you want to equip yourself with the right tools to do the thing right.

Today I’m going to share with you a collection of items that will instantly step up your bullet journal game while spending less than £20. It covers everything from your notebook, to your writing pens and your colours – it’s the perfect set of staples to start your bullet journal.

I could ramble on all day, but let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?


Joy Tree Journals Notebook (£4.89)

These notebooks are the perfect starting point for any bullet journaler. I don’t know about other countries, but dot grid notebooks are hard to come by in Northern Ireland and to find one this cheaply is unheard of.

I’m not going to lie to you and say they’re the best notebook out there (if you’re really dedicated, there’s no better place to start than a LEUCHTTURM1917 however, the paper is thick enough that you need only deal with a little ghosting, and it’s more than made up for by the gorgeous cover designs (I have 3 of these notebooks now that I use for sketching out rough layouts and other tasks outside of my bullet journal, they’re adorable)!

Plus it simplifies your life with a built in index. What’s not to love?

The only thing I’d say is that, in terms of size, it’s a little smaller than I’d like (an extra centimetre in both length and height would have made the world of difference) and the binding doesn’t lay flat (so any lefties like myself may have some problems), but all in all it’s a good notebook that allows you to test out the dot grid before committing to an expensive brand.

Uni-Ball Pin Drawing Pens, Pack of 5 (£3.41)

I know what you’re thinking, how good can these pens be if they’re only £3? But I’m telling you, they’re one of my favourites. These pens are so black and the top doesn’t wear down nearly as quickly as some of the more traditional drawing pens (ahem, Faber Castell). These are the perfect tool for hand lettering and for general writing in your dailies and weeklies. Plus, they dry quickly so you can highlight or colour over them almost as soon as you’ve finished writing. I’d go so far as to say if you have these, you won’t need another drawing pen in the foreseeable future. They’re a steal!

Crayola Super Tips Felt Tip Markers, Pack of 50 (£8.89)

These are by far the most expensive pack in this list, but they’re a staple – and you get 50 of them for goodness sake!

These are not only the cheapest markers with the widest colour selection, but they’re also one of the most versatile out there. Obviously, their primary function is colouring (meaning they’re perfect for creating your monthly title pages or doodles in your daily or weekly spreads) however, their tapered tip also makes them perfect for hand lettering and calligraphy. They’re a very versatile weapon if you’re just starting out and are looking for a pen that can sing and dance.

In total, these ‘essentials’ come to £17.19 (courtesy of Amazon) and they’re pretty much all you’ll need to create any spread you can possibly imagine.

If you’d like more inspiration, make sure you check out my full pen collection – it should give you some other ideas on expanding your collection further, once you’ve tested the waters a bit.

If you do decide to start a bullet journal, please let me know in the comments – or better yet, show me on Instagram. I love hearing from you all!

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