How To Plan Your Blog and Business Using Your Bullet Journal

Guys! This is very exciting, this is the first post I can honestly say I’m writing because it was requested – requested I tell you!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you how I plan my blog and  (to a degree) my Etsy shop using my bullet journal. As I mentioned in my Starting My New Bullet Journal post, I do most of my blog planning online, and I’ll touch on that a little here, but for the purposes of this post, I’ve also created some spreads on paper – for all you analogue planners out there.

So let’s get right into it, shall we?

editorial calendarIMG_1029_Facetune_01.09.2017-08_05_28

I chose a square calendar layout rather than a more traditional bullet journal monthly log for this spread, and I must say I’m so pleased with my decision. The boxes leave loads of space for all the different things I have to schedule in the day (and they leave margin for error – I can always cross it out and write something else if I change my mind).

To make this even more easy on the eye, I colour coded my tasks according to their place of publication (e.g. WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy etc). Once an item is scheduled (or ready to be posted, depending on the platform) I give it a tick, and move on to the next thing.

It’s a great visual representation of how often I’m posting and it makes sure my schedule is relatively consistent.

Online version: For online blog planning, I highly recommend creating a Google Calendar exclusively for your blog. That way, you can look at it alone (to see how often you’re posting) or in the context of your wider calendar (so you can figure out when you’re actually going to get it all written).


This is an essential part of any blogger’s planning process – you’ve got to have a place to capture all your big ideas! I love this spread particularly for bigger projects or series ideas – I definitely think it’s going to be useful when it comes to brainstorming for Blogmas.

Online version: I know a lot of people do this sort of thing through Evernote or Wunderlist, but I personally use OneNote (I have a blog notebook with 3 separate tabs; 1 for ideas, 1 for post plans and 1 for posts that are ready to be proofed/edited/scheduled. It’s perfect for me as it syncs across all my devices, so I can work on it anywhere I find the time! However, there are so many good options out there, do whatever works for you.

milestone-tracker.pngIMG_1031_Facetune_01.09.2017-08_06_02I know lots of people have milestone trackers in their bullet journal, so I wanted to incorporate that into my own set up.

However, I wanted something a little more fun than the standard stats. I tried to switch things up a little bit by tracking each of the different areas in different shapes (some of the shapes represent the things that I’m tracking (like how many posts I’ve written) and some of them are just assorted jars and shapes I could draw!). Altogether I’m really happy with how this turned out, it’ll be a nice way to track my progress.


That’s really all I have going on in my bullet journal right now in terms of blog planning, I hope those who requested this post found it as useful as they thought it would be!

If you have any other suggestions (either for posts or spreads you’d like to see) let me know in the comments down below!

5 thoughts on “How To Plan Your Blog and Business Using Your Bullet Journal

  1. This looks really beautiful! I love seeing all these bullet journals and the different ways people make them fit their needs. Adn they’re all so pretty! Unfortunately, I’m rubbish at drawing / handwriting and even if I did, I don’t think I have the patience to keep it up. I’ll just stick to admiring other people’s journals 😀

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  2. Bullet journals always look so cute and useful but I’m horrible when it comes to handwriting/drawing/even making straight lines so I usually feel like they’re out of my league and just go with a normal planner

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww Lindsey, I’m sure that’s not true! But you’ve literally just captured the reason I started my Etsy shop! 😂 Even if you want to ignore my shameless self promotion, there are so many other beautiful sticker shops out there that will do everything from layouts to decoration, they’re perfect if you’re lacking confidence or inspiration.

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