18 Before 2018 | Dear September

I was racking my brain on how to make this post different from all the other’s in the Dear January series, and all of a sudden it hit me – it’s definitely time I start thinking about the end of the year.

I think this type of post has a definite expiration date (I don’t see it going past 25 things before 2025 myself, but who am I to say?!)  so I’m going to strike while the iron’s hot and share with you 18 things I want to do/start doing before the year is out.

1. Save £500

If you’ve been following along this journey with me, you’ll know that finance is one of the areas I most struggle with. I think £500 is a realistic goal, provided I don’t fall off the bandwagon completely and buy a jet ski or something!

2. Minimise my kitchen

Okay, so I’m kind of cheating a little bit, because this one is already sort of underway, but I really want to get rid of all the clutter in my kitchen. My goal is to get to a point where I have 2 of everything – maximum. Not only will it make my kitchen cabinets happier, but I’m also hoping it will encourage me to do fewer dishes more frequently. So far so good!

3. Sell 1 item on Etsy.

I’m not sure if this goal is entirely realistic, or if it’s underestimating – I’m still not really sure how Etsy works! However, I’d love to sell at least one thing I’ve created myself – it’s a totally different ballgame now that I’m working on selling things I’ve designed myself rather than old shoes and clothes!

4. Restage my office shelving.

In other words, move all the crap in my office around. I feel like I have a lot of doo-dads in my office at the moment and I’d really like to simplify the whole thing a little bit. However, there’s a whole lot of make-up and beauty things I need to use up before this is even a possibility, so I need to get my finger out!

5. Start waking up at 6:15am on weekdays.

I’m pretty sure this was one of my 17 before 2017 as well, but heck, I really want to do it this time! Between work and uni and blogging and breathing, it’s going to be a busy semester, so I really want to give myself as much productive time as I possibly can in my day… wish me luck with this one in particular, I’m not a morning person.

6. Get 400 followers on my blog.

I feel like I’ve really been letting the blog slide over the past few months, so I want to get back into a growth mindset and become a more active member of this community again. I want to seek out new blogs that I love, comment on old friend’s posts and just generally be more active.

7. Get 1000 followers on my Instagram.

I did have over 1000 followers on my Instagram earlier this year, but I did a mass unfollowing and lost a heap of people, so we’re going to try and build it up again – but this time, I’m looking for a more sustainable way.

8. Learn how to make 5 different balloon animals.

Can you tell I work in a daycare? I learned how to make a dog and a giraffe (in other words, a dog with a long neck) earlier this month and now I really want to expand my repertoire – I think the kids would really love it.

9. Redo my master bedroom

Again, I’m cheating a little bit, as I currently have 3 Ikea boxes sitting in my room waiting to be assembled – but basically, I just want to vamp the room up a bit and make it a more peaceful sleep space… without breaking the bank if possible.

10. Complete a 20-hour phonetics and phonology course.

Although my uni did offer a phonetics module this year, it doesn’t really fit into my schedule, so instea, I’m going to be completing an online course. The main reason I’m doing this is for my teaching interviews, but I’m hoping it’ll be interesting too.

11. Upload my first Instagram video.

I’d really like to start uploading weekly plan with me clips to my Instagram. There’s still a lot I have to work out, but bear with me and check out my Insta to see how I get on!

12. Rearrange my living room.

I think I might actually do this one today, my house is quite small, and I just keep feeling like there’s too much furniture in it – especially in the living room. I’ll shuffle a few things around and see how I get on.

13. Start an elderly outreach program in my church.

I conceived this thought-baby when I was on holiday and I’m really excited to see if it’s actually feasible. Essentially, I want to connect young people and elderly people in my congregation to try and make everyone more connected. If I ever get it up and running, I’ll let you know.

14. Read another 23 books.

In other words, meet my Goodreads Reading Challenge.

15. Do Blogmas again.

I have a plan for this one, it’s going to focus a lot on planning this year, but don’t worry booklings, I’ll have some treats for you too!

16. Reorganise and simplify my module centre.

‘Module centre’ is essentially my obnoxious word for set-of-drawers-that-collect-random-stuff (sewing kits, tools, bulbs – things you need but often don’t have true homes). My current organisational system is a little crazy, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it sorted into a more manageable system.

17. Start using the envelope budgeting system.

Really I should have put this way up at the top beside ‘save £500’, but oh well. I can’t remember which financial wizard created this method, but I’m really hoping it’ll work for me (at least until the craziness of Christmas shopping hits).

18. Declutter my décor.

I feel like over the last couple of months I’ve collected a lot of random nick-nacks I don’t need and that could easily be rehomed/binned. I think what I need to do here is just collect them all up and keep a couple that really make me happy, and just ditch the rest – but that’s easier said than done when you’re a home freak.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this update, I’d love to hear some of your last minute goals/projects before the end of the year.

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