September Plan With Me | Bullet Journal

Hi guys, and welcome back to another bullet journal post!

If you’ve already headed over to my Etsy shop, you’ll be well acquainted with my September theme! I chose to keep it pretty simple this month with an autumnal leaf theme (can you tell how excited I am for Autumn?). But with all that shameless plugging aside, let’s get into the planning…

title page

My monthly theme is pretty simple in layout, but it makes up for that in its colour. I love the warm autumnal tones (especially from my Crayola Super Tips – they’re so vibrant and lovely) Rather than my usual cursive, I chose a more elongated, minimalistic, printed type font for my monthly title  – but I really love the way it turned out. It’s the perfect month to start my new bullet journal!

monthly log

After the title page, it’s time for my monthly log. I’ve been doing the same monthly log layout for about 4 months now, and it hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

I start by drawing 3 vertical boxes (one for work, one for university and one for other – but you can definitely switch these titles for whatever you need).

Then, down the right-hand side of the spread, I created 2 little calendars, one for October and one for November (so I can do a little bit of very basic future planning.

I decided to incorporate my theme by drawing in some more leaves along the bottom of the page, it really spiced it up nicely.

time log

This is the first month I’m going to be using a Time Log, but since I’m trying out the whole Blog/Etsy thing while working and going to uni, working a part time job and breathing, I think it’s important to keep track of where my time is going.

One square = One hour of time, and I’ve just created a little key for myself at the bottom of the right page so I know what each colour means.

I’m hoping this will allow me to balance my time better, and allow me to see what I’m neglecting.

prayer log

Now, moving over to my faith section, it’s time to set up my prayer log. My Prayer Log is based on the Thank You/Please/ Sorry method. This is a place where I write 2 things that I’m thankful for, one thing that I’m sorry for and one thing that I’d like to ask for every single day.

However, this spread could easily be changed for journaling (a sort of a ‘one line a day’ type situation) or as a gratitude log depending on your own personal preference.

Basically, I just write all the dates in the month down the left-hand side with a Tombow and leave 4 lines for each day. Then, I go back in with a regular fineliner and put T, T, P, S beside each day.

I always feel like this post looks busy enough without a whole load of decoration, so I’m leaving the leaves out of this one.


I hope you guys enjoyed this setup, it’s simple (I know) but it does everything I need it to. I know I don’t include some of the more traditional bullet journal spreads (like a habit tracker and gratitude log) but I do what works for my life, and that’s the system in a nutshell!

I’d love to see your recreations over on Instagram so make sure you tag me in your September spreads.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with a brand new post, but until then, happy planning!

16 thoughts on “September Plan With Me | Bullet Journal

  1. AGAGHA THOSE AUTUMN LEAVES ❤ They are just PERFECT! Again this is just SO BEAUTIFUL? How the heck do you do this?? It's all so gorgeous and pretty. I used to have a BuJo but it died (as in I don't use it anymore) and I could not make it as pretty! I'm hoping to start a new afresh journal in 2018 though!

    Liked by 1 person

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