Semester Plan With Me | Back To School/University

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m looking forward to going back to uni, but I suppose in many ways I’m not absolutely dreading it.

To make that first week back a little less daunting, I wanted to plan out a few spreads for the new semester.

I decided to keep the theme for this semester’s spreads pretty simple, and just went with a basic chalkboard theme (black backgrounds with white ‘chalk’ writing and green accents etc) In a spread that I’m going to have to look at a lot, I find it’s best to keep it simple.

Important Info

The first spread I wanted to sort out is one of those layouts that you don’t look at frequently, but when you have to you’re very thankful it’s there. This spread is for all those important pieces of information you need to keep track of, but never really have a place for. Mine includes:

  • Lecturer’s name and email
  • Tutor’s name and email
  • Lecture hall number
  • Tutorial room number

It’s not the prettiest part of my bullet journal, but it’s an essential when you have a question about a deadline or can’t make it to a tutorial.


assignment tracker

Then, at the bottom of that same page, I have my assignment tracker.

I’ve recycled this spread from last semester, but I’ve compressed it down from a full page into this half page layout – it just seemed excessive the old way!

At the top, I have the module code for the assignment (in the black box with white writing) and below I have the final due date (it will be written on the line below the module code in green) – but that part’s pretty self-explanatory.

Next, I have my completion bar. In this, every square represents 10% of the total word count (so a 1,000 word assignment would have each vertical square representing 100 words, while for a 2000 word assignment they would represent 200 words – if you get what I’m saying?). Whenever I draw out these bars, I always make sure that it’s the upper word limit that’s represented in the completion bar, and a dotted line marks the lower word limit. That way, as I’m writing, I can see how far I have to go.

Then, beside each bar, I have a few corresponding check boxes…

  • D2 – Draft 2
  • D3 – Draft 3
  • R – Referencing
  • F – Format
  • PR – Proof Read

As I work through my assignments for the term, I colour in squares as they’re needed. Since all of my assignments are tracked in the one place, it makes it really obvious if I’m neglecting any assignments.



The next spread I want to sort out is my semester calendar. This is a place where I can write down all my assignment dates, holidays, presentation deadlines etc.

I did a similar calendar spread at the beginning of summer for my holidays, and I really like the way it turned out, so I’m going to stick with something similar this time around.

For this semester, I need the months of September – December, so I’m having 2 months per page.

I started by drawing out a fairly big calendar on the left-hand side of the page, leaving a space between each day so it’s really easy to see.

I’m going to leave the corresponding space on the right-hand side of the page blank so I can fill out all of my events for that month.

That means that when I can highlight important days on the left, and write more details about them on the right.


This one is an essential for any English student, but it could definitely come in handy for any course with a hefty reading load.

Basically, this is just a glorified table, with the book’s title on the left, followed by three check-boxes – one marking if I’ve bought it, one marking if I’ve read it, and one telling me how long I have left to get my act together!

I will also be colour coding the bars as I go along (e.g. the next book I have to read for each class will be coloured, once I finish it, I highlight the next one etc)



This is my university version of a school timetable.

Essentially, I create 5 horizontal timebars (one for each day of the working week starting at 9am and going all the way to 6pm) and shade in the areas where I have lectures, classes or other meetings.

I always make sure to colour code my modules consistently across all my university spreads (to stop myself getting confused) so these will be the same colours I use in my assignment tracker, reading list etc.


And that’s it! I really hope you guys found at least one of these spreads useful, if you recreate any of them please let me see on Instagram or Facebook – I’d love to see your recreations.

I’ll see you back here in a couple of days for my September Plan With Me!

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