How To Use Your Bullet Journal for Travel Planning

Today's post is going to be fairly snappy because, if you're reading this, I'm guessing you have some planning to do!

I've been using my bullet journal for my travel planning for almost a dozen trips and I absolutely love this layout. This spread is not designed for journaling or memory keeping on your trip (I like to do that in a separate notebook) but simply for planning and reference. Let's not dilly dally and get into it shall we?

1. Destination name and dates of travel

I think this is fairly self-explanatory, don't you?

2. Transfer reference.

Here I keep a detailed look at my travel plans both outbound and inbound. This way, you know exactly which flights to look for on the departure board and how/when you're going to get to and from airports. It's a little boring, but it's essential.

3. Packing list.

Usually, I create a new packing list for every trip, so that it's tailored to whatever trip I'm going on. However, once you've made on list, you'll find that they're actually all fairly similar so you can use it as a template.

4. Itinerary.

Now comes the fun part! I don't like scheduling my itinerary with specific times where possible (obviously, if I pick a tour or a show, that will happen at a set time, but generally when I'm just exploring I pace myself).

To create my itinerary, especially for city breaks, I like to search the interweb for '24 hours in…' posts. I love these posts as a guide as they generally involve walking (meaning you get to see more of the city) and you hit most of the city's highlights. From there, I add in a few attractions that cater to my own specific interests.

You'll also notice that I haven't really planned when/where we'll eat – there's a reason for that. Since I haven't scheduled specific timings for my itinerary, I'm not sure where we'll be around lunchtime, so I tend to just use Google Maps to locate a nearby restaurant whenever I get hungry enough. It means you end up discovering some hidden gems that TripAdvisor doesn't know about.

5. Accommodation details.

Since I'm an avid Air BnB-er, it's usually the address and contact number of our host. However, depending on your accommodation type, it could be the address of a hostel, your hotel booking reference, or directions to your campsite – whatever you require to get there and check in.


I really hope this post gave you some travel spread-spiration. Good luck planning your own summer holidays, I'd love to hear where you're heading in the comments down below!

2 thoughts on “How To Use Your Bullet Journal for Travel Planning

  1. I’m about to go on a cruise to Alaska in a week and I’m glad I stumbled upon your post. I’m definitely going to use some of your tips for my trip. Such a helpful post, thanks 🙂


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