Things That Made Me Smile | Vol. 3 – Holiday Edition

I can't believe how long it's been since I last did a favourites post – especially because there are so many things I could be telling you about! However, today I'm going to try and keep it simple and share with you all the Top 5 things I've been enjoying on my summer getaways.

Let's take a look!

1. Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration Suncream (SPF 30)

I have long been a fan of the Hawaiian Tropics After Sun, and so on my most recent holiday I decided to give their matching suncream a try – I'm a total convert.

I love the way this product smells, with no hint of that sour, suncream smell we've all tolerated for years. In fact, it smells so good, that I didn't even pack perfume for the trip, it doubled as both.

Not to mention the fact that it eliminated the need for a morning moisturiser that saved me oodles of time when I was getting ready to head out the door.

But the most important factor for me when it comes to suncream, is the feel of it. This cream soaks into the skin like butter, and doesn't leave you feeling filmy or sticky at all… it's my new best friend.

2. My David Jones Handbag

This is less of a 'new' purchase and more of a 'new to me' item. This bag was my mum's, but she wasn't using it anymore and offered it to me.

I am in love with it! I normally wouldn’t go for a bag this bright (if it's not tan or nude I barely even register its existence!) but this one is a total exception.

It's the perfet size for a holiday bag as I can take it to the beach, or the shops, or out for dinner – wherever I need it to go really, and the colour matches everything I own (since everything I own is neutral)!

3. Naked 3 Palate

One of my favourite things about this is that I get to say 'oh this? I picked it up by the Spanish Step Steps in Rome'… not that loads of people ask or anything, but a girl can dream.

Plus, it's the only purchase I've ever made from a Sephora – heck, it's the only time I've ever been in a Sephora.

I love the pinky tones of this palate, it was truly the perfect way of fulfilling my childhood dream of owning an Urban Decay palate – both inner and outer Abby are very happy with it.

And of course it's pigmentation and blendability are great, but you already know that!

4. White nail polish

I'm pretty sure white nail polish isn't on trend anymore, but I don't care I love it! It's one of my favourite things about summer, I just look down at my fingers and get a surge of happiness (typing this is giving me lots of excuses to do just that!).

Currently, I'm using a polish from China Glaze, but it's not about the polish itself, any white will do me fine!

5. Dove Tinted Moisturiser

If like me, you don't tan, this is an essential holiday product. I use this in the evening and after showering – you can really notice the difference. Not only is it moisturising, but the gradual tanners build up a really gentle colour – a huge helping hand to any pasty girls like me, especially if you want people to know you've actually been on holiday.


So, there we have it! I realise we leaned a little heavily on the beauty this time around, but I promise I'll shake it up a bit next time.

What're some of your holiday essentials, any holy grail's I should know about? Let me know in the comments below!

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