How I Rate Books

I’m sure if you’ve been around here for any of my monthly wrap up’s, you’ll have noticed some strange trends in my rating system. So, today (for reference purposes), I’ve decided to walk you through what each star rating means here on Miss Abigail.


Utter perfection. I take 5-star ratings very seriously, so they rarely appear on here. However, a typical 5-star rating for me is a book that…

  • I read really fast (obviously the length of the book has to be taken into account).
  • Had a character that I really loved (not necessarily the protagonist, but more often than not it is).
  • It achieves its desired purpose (obviously, for this one, what I expect from each genre is different. For example, a good sci-fi needs suspense and mystery, while a contemporary needs that smushy feeling in your stomach.)


I don’t give out loads of 4 stars either, but they’re more common than a 5. These are still very high ratings for me, and I’d highly recommend reading them. However, they often have one fatal flaw… it might be a character problem, or a plot hole, or just a difficult to read

However, they often have one fatal flaw… it might be a character problem, or a plot hole, or just a difficult to read narrative. However, usually, it’s an amazing book that’s been foiled by one main issue.


You’ll probably notice in my reviews that if I give a 3-star, I’ll probably clarify that ‘it’s more like a 3.75’ or ‘realistically, it’s a 2.75’. My system from rounding up or rounding down is fairly fluid, but essentially I give the round score which I feel is the truest reflection of my feelings on Goodreads and then clarify it within my review.

I give out a lot of 3 stars, as a 3-star book is just OK. Usually, they’re readable and I’d often recommend them to a friend or family member, but there are a few things about it that I just didn’t like. Either that, or maybe it was just too predictable for my liking.


The jump from 2-star to 3-star is huge. A 2-star is a book that I pretty much hate. Although I don’t give them out a lot, they’re definitely more common than a 5-star… I’m hard to please after all. My minimum requirement for getting a 2 star, is completion. If I was able to stick with a book the whole way to the end, it automatically gets at least a 2, so it’s not saying much.


It’s rare that I’ll review a 1-star book here on the blog, but you may come across them on my Goodreads. A 1-star book is a book I’ve DNF’d, so if I didn’t finish it, it’s an automatic 1-star. Sometimes, a 1-star is just temporary if I decide to try the book again later, but anything I’ve DNF’d has suffered a 1-star rating for at least a little while.


So, there you have it, I hope that’s clarified a few things for you. I know, there’s probably a better way of rating books, and there’s definitely a better way of using the 5-star system, but it’s what works for me and consistency is key.

I’d love to hear how you rate your books down below, I’m always interested to hear what you guys think! See you in the comments!

2 thoughts on “How I Rate Books

  1. I don’t even rate books that I DNF’ed, I only review them. I use the same scale and descriptions as Goodreads, although I don’t put ratings on my blog anymore.


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