Decluttering your Subscriptions | Simplify Your Life

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I did a decluttering post, but I embarked on a new decluttering project myself last week and thought I’d share my process with you.

When you’re wanting to simplify your life and save a bit of money, one of the easiest places to start is your subscriptions. It could be anything from a monthly beauty box to Netflix, but I’m talking about all those little monthly expenses that come out of your account without you even noticing.

It’s gotten so easy to sign up for something nowadays that it can escalate quickly and end up amounting to a huge sum of money each month. Today, I’m going to be walking you through my process for evaluating and simplifying your subscriptions. For the purposes of this post, I’m really talking about monetary subscriptions (i.e. things you have to pay for) rather than newsletters or catalogues, but these principles would apply there too.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Make a full list of everything you’re subscribed to each month.

If you have online banking, you may want to scroll through a month’s worth of transactions to make sure you don’t miss anything. However, you can just as easily do it off the top of your head or using a bank statement.

Here are a few ideas in case you get stuck:

  • Monthly subscription boxes (i.e. Birchbox, Owlcrate, Pink Parcel, FFS etc)
  • Amazon Prime
  • Spotify (or other music streaming service)
  • Now TV/ Netflix (or other video streaming service)
  • Blog hosting, Cloud storage etc.
  • Audible (or other audiobook services)

For me, I had to worry about Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Audible, FFS and Pink Parcel.

2. Write a few words beside each subscription to tell you what it does.

Before, you do this, you may need to do a little bit of research so you’re sure what’s included in each of your subscriptions. For example, if you have Spotify and you’re a student, you may have inadvertently been given free access to Headspace. Or, if you’ve only ever used Amazon Prime for free delivery, you may have forgotten about the music and movie streaming services.

By making sure you’re aware of what’s included in each of these services, you can better see where you might have double ups.

3. Begin weeding.

Now that you know exactly what each service provides, it’s time to start simplifying. For example, I decided to cancel my Spotify subscription because I was already getting a music streaming service included with Amazon Prime. I wasn’t really ready to let go of my Netflix (I love their Original’s too much) but the stronger among you may be able to simplify there too. Essentially, the goal is to only have one service per objective (even if in practice that’s a little unrealistic, it’s a good mindset to start with).

4. Evaluate frequency.

This is a great way of sorting out those subscriptions that you’re not ready to let go of completely, but don’t use as much as you should. For example, I  subscribe the FFS shaving box which used to arrive monthly. However, since I only change the blade (on average) every other week, I only needed a new box every other month, thus saving myself £30 a year by reducing the frequency of the subscription.

Obviously, this isn’t a factor with every type of service (having one month with Netflix and alternate months without isn’t ideal for everyone) but try your hardest, you might be surprised how much you can save this way.

5. What’s left?

Now that you have a curated list, look again at what’s left and be ruthless. When you see your finalised list, you might realise that you actually don’t need your Pink Parcel subscription and would just as easily go to the shop to get your lady items (that person is not me, I love my Pink Parcel, I just needed an example!). It’s okay if nothing is removed this late in proceedings, but it’s a good fail-safe to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything obvious.

So there we have it, don’t you just love it when things can be compressed into 5 simple steps? Good luck with your decluttering guys, hopefully this helped at least one of you out there. Let me know how you get on down in the comments!

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