Pink Parcel & FFS (Friction Free Shaving) | Subscription Box Reviews

If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll know that I promised you all these reviews a couple of days ago, and didn’t deliver. I’m terribly sorry about the delay, but it took me a little longer than expected to gather my thoughts enough to write this post.

Since this is mainly a book blog, with the occasional minimalist rambling thrown in there, I thought I’d group them both together in one place for anyone who’s interested.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what caught my eye about these boxes in particular, but I suppose it was the practicality of them. I was never really able to get on board with the whole Birchbox/Owlcrate thing because I just always thought it would be more miss than hit. However, a box for shaving and a box for my period? I know those are things I’ll use!

As it was the first to arrive, I guess I’ll start by telling you about FFS. I first saw this box advertised on Facebook and was really intrigued by the idea of having a set of fresh razor blades delivered to my door. However, I knew that I didn’t want to burn through 4 a month, which always deterred me.

However, upon looking further into the scheme, I learned that you can actually set up your account to deliver the blades bi-monthly, a much more manageable frequency in my opinion.

The Frankie razor (otherwise known as the 3 blade razor) works just fine (even from the point of view of a girl who used to love her 5-bladed Venus). I have yet to slice myself open with it, and still get a close shave with just a good ol’ bar of soap (much cheaper and just as effective as shaving cream).

My one complaint would be that the razor head isn’t particularly flexible, so you have to be careful around the knees and ankles to avoid cutting yourself. However, if you take your time with it, you shouldn’t have any problems.

One other thing that I really like about this service, is the weekly email reminder to change your blade. Obviously, as I change mine bi-weekly, I don’t really listen to them, but it’s nice to have that prompt to force me to think about how long I’ve been using my current head.

Overall, I think this service is a really good deal, considering I used to spend £11 on 4 Venus Spa Breeze Heads!


Then, there’s my first ever Pink Parcel box.

I don’t know if any of you guys have ever experienced this, but have you ever noticed how a packet of pads lasts a period and a half? So, when you start your next period you always think ‘oh, I don’t need any, I have loads’ and 3 days later end up with your pants full of rolled up toilet paper? This way, I no longer have to think about buying new pads, and get a little treat to cheer me up.

If I were to look at this as a beauty box, I’d still be impressed. I paid £6.99 for my first box (I believe the price is going up next month, but still not by much). Within the box there was tea, chocolate, a full sized moisturiser, a cleansing sponge, a makeup sponge, a lip liner, a face wash and a hair mask… phew, that was quite a list.

Are there things in here that I’m not going to use? Probably. Will I be able to find a home for them? Definitely. I’m also a big fan of the fact that everything I received this month was cruelty-free, and all the edibles were vegan – if that’s something that’s important to you.


Ultimately, I’m looking forward to receiving both these boxes every month (or so), they’re the perfect pick me up and they won’t break the bank. If you were only to indulge in one of these services, I’d definitely pick Pink Parcel… it’s lovely.

I hope you guys found these reviews useful, in my mind, they’re two boxes I’d definitely check out. Let me know if you have any other box subscriptions for me or what you thought of these two if you’ve tried them.

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