5 Ways To Reduce Negativity in your Life

It’s easy to get caught in the trap. To get your head so filled with negative thoughts that you don’t even realise they’re there anymore. Sometimes, it almost feels good to indulge these negative feelings, but I’m here to tell you, it’s not healthy and your mind will thank you if you cut them out. Once you start eliminating negative influences, you can start to see their effects more easily and the whole thing just gets easier and easier.

Today, I’m going to share 5 of my favourite tips to help you reduce the negative influences in your life and make your mind all rainbows and unicorns. Sounds good? Then, let’s get into it!

  1. Control your social media. We’re going to assume that your time on social media is excessive, but that’s not the point of this one. instead, we’re going to focus on the content. Go through all your different networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, WordPress etc) and unfollow, unfriend and unlike (if you need more of a checklist, take a look at my post on Decluttering your Social Media). We all have people who we scroll past and get an icky feeling in our chest, usually accompanied by some sort of guttural groan. By deleting these people, you’ll not only become more attuned to the feeling and notice it quicker, but you’ll also feel the desire to scroll through social media less (less to see = less time). If this sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry, take your time! Maybe just start with Facebook Pages, then move on to YouTube and work your way through to the harder tasks.
  2. Stay away from the comment section. Comments are toxic! Not to mention, it’s always the really nasty ones that get liked a million time and take top spot. This could be anywhere from YouTube to Facebook articles. It’s better to avoid them when you can.
  3. Avoid the gossip mill.  Okay, maybe you can’t avoid gossip, but you can ignore it. It might be at work, with your friends or with your family, we all have to deal with it sometimes. However, by switching your mind off or focusing on other things when the claws come out, not only will it keep you in everybody’s good books (there’s nothing worse than hearing someone’s been talking about you behind your back), but your mental health and sanity will thank you.
  4. Think about things that make you feel bad. Start the sentence with ‘I can’t ____’ or ‘I don’t ___’ and fill in the gaps with the first thing that comes to mind. Now start either disproving (with previous examples that contradict that sentence) or improving (practice or familiarise yourself, just get better at dealing with it! Love yourself!).
  5. Live in the present. Don’t overthink the mistakes you made yesterday and don’t waste time worrying about what’s going to happen next week. Instead, focus on today and make it the best day it can be – life can be so much simpler that way. (I really need to take my own advice with this one, I’m definitely an overthinker – but I’m trying).

Thanks for reading guys! I really hope this has inspired you to cut some of the negativity from your own lives. Make sure to leave a comment sharing your own tips and advice! I’d love to hear from you!

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