Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Movies

You know those days when all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch a movie? It’s probably a movie you’ve seen a hundred times but somehow never gets old. Well, those are my favourite types of movies (and my favourite types of day).

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you all my Top 10 Guilty Pleasure movies. I’ll level with you, a lot of these are rom-coms, but there are a few random ones thrown in there that I must have seen a thousand times!

Hopefully this will give you some ideas for your next duvet day, or remind you of some old favourites you’ve forgotten about.

In no particular order, let’s get going!

  1. About Time. Let’s start with the most beautifully British rom-coms ever seen, About Time. I have a huge appreciation for movies like this that star cross-generational friendships as well as the standard romance. This is such a cute movie and has Margot Robbie (before she made it big, but after Neighbours) and, the love of my life, Bill Nighy.
  2. Love Actually. Speaking of beautifully British, you can’t not love Love Actually. I watch this at least 3 times a year (all in the month of December). While we’re on the topic, who watched Red Nose Day Actually? What did you guys think?
  3. The Intern. This is another one of those movies that features such a cute cross-generational friendship. Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway are so cute together and I literally spend most of the movie going ‘awww’. It’s super feel good, and didn’t get nearly as much hype as it deserved when it came out.
  4. Morning Glory. Are you surprised that this one features yet another cross-generational friendship? I definitely have a type don’t I. I think this was he first film I saw from this genre and I still love it so much. Plus, Rachel McAdams character has the most fantastic collection of Louboutins on the planet.
  5. The Decoy Bride. We’ve had our Beautifully British, now at time for the sweet wee Scottish film. Any David Tennant fans will be happy to see this one. This is so cute and always makes me feel better when I’m off work sick or just needing a movie-hug.
  6. Letters to Juliet. My wanderlust is always satiated after watching this one. I’m not usually a big Amanda Seyfried fan, but I really enjoy this movie. (Shock horror, it has both a romance and a cross-generational friendship… are you surprised?) The main appeal however comes from the fact that it’s set in Italy and I’m obsessed with Shakespeare.
  7. The DUFF. I’m usually not a big teen-movie fan, but something about this one is just really appealing. I love the message, I love Bianca as a character and the romance is real cute – it’s always a great staple in my sick day collection.
  8. My Best Friend’s Girl. Now, I rarely like films that are gross and over-sexualised like this one. But I just find something about it really appealing. It is a little more mature than the rest of the movies on this list, but I watch it fairly frequently so it’s got to be on here.
  9. Pacific Rim. I know this movie seems completely out of place on this list, but I still class them together in my mind. I don’t even consider this movie good (the Australian accents are dreadful) but somehow I still love it – realistically it’s because Idris Elba is amazing, and it’s got robots and aliens… there’s no way to ruin that really!
  10. Love and Other Drugs. This is a weepy. I feel like this list suggests that I love Anne Hathaway, when I’m actually not that obsessed, but she just does the Guilty Pleasure movie really well. In this one she stars alongside Jake Gyllenhaal (who I love) and they have a really cute romance while she fights Parkinson’s. It’s more than your average cancer movie, but still have a box of tissues handy!

So there you have it, 10 movies to watch over Easter or summer break (or just the next time you need a bit of a pick me up).

Let me know what’s your favourite guilty pleasure movie down below, I’m always looking for new suggestions!

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