5 Things That Made Me Smile | March Edition

Good morning everyone! Today, I’m going to do something that I’ve been toying with for a long long time. I’ve always loved watching and reading monthly favourites posts, but I always feel stupid when I actually sit down to write them.

I’m hoping that this new layout is going to fix that for me. Today, I’m going to share with you 5 things that have made me smile this month, they’re all physical items that give me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside that I want to share with the world. I’m not really sure why I picked 5, it just seems like a solid number – not too many, not too few.

Let’s just get into it, shall we?

1. Sweet Violet and Basil Candle

I always struggle at this time of year to find scents that I love without reminding me of Christmas. I’m usually a really sweet scented kind of girl (think Christmas/Snowflake Cookie), but I fancied a change now that the weather’s getting warmer.

I came across a stand of these in Tesco’s a few weeks back and this one was by far my favourite, I’ve been proudly burning it in my living room ever since and I am in love. It’s got a beautifully fresh, floral scent – perfect for Spring!

2. Rabbit cushion

I love finding little details like this that add so much personality to a space. This cushion has top billing on my sofa and literally makes me smile every time I walk into my living room.

I’m not sure which part I love more, the adorable picture or the rabbit, or the 3D pom-pom tail (who am I kidding, it’s the tail that makes it!)

3. ESPA Shampoo and Conditioner
I’m not sure if this is the case across the world, but in Northern Ireland at least, all Hastings Hotels use ESPA Spa Products in their rooms and pools. Since my first trip to the Slieve Donard a few years back I have been in love with these products (even more so when I learned the brand was cruelty-free).

All the products have a very uniquely spa-like scent with their combination of Jasmine, Bergamot and Cedarwood essential oils.

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend spoiled me rotten and got me the shampoo and conditioner – I only use it on very special occasions (or when I’m in desperate need of some TLC) but it’s amazing.

4. Elephant paperclips
I’m not sure how clear my love of elephants has been on this blog to date, I’m not sure I’ve really had any occasions to broadcast my obsession, but I love them. Last year in Thailand, as we were making our way up to the Big Buddha, I saw a baby elephant by the side of the road and nearly cried with happiness it was so cute!

Again, my boyfriend knows me too well, and for my last birthday got me this wee container of elephant shaped paperclips. Safe to say, I’m obsessed. These have not only become my paperclip of choice, but also my bookmarks – I now find them all over the house in the most unlikely of places, yet it’s somehow comforting to be surrounded my tiny little silver elephants.

5. Clear glass mugs.

I used to think clear mugs looked ridiculous, I suppose it just went against everything I’d known, but since simplifying my aesthetic these clear mugs are my ultimate favourite. Once I do my dishes, they’re always the first ones to be dirtied again.

The one thing that I wasn’t expecting with these mugs, was the adjustment period. It turns out that your colour of tea changes when you transition from a ceramic mug to a clear mug, it took quite a while for me to find my new perfect colour.


So there you have it, 5 things I’ve been loving for at least the past 31 days. I really hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you did let me know and I’ll try to do more like it in the future.

Tell me, do you have anything that you use on a daily basis, that just makes you grin whenever you see it? Let me know in the comments! See you tomorrow!

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