Cleaning Routine

With the Spring Cleaning season fast approaching, I thought it was high time I share my cleaning routine with you all. I based my routine loosely on the steps followed out by Melody over on her YouTube channel, but I adapted it a little to fit my own lifestyle and needs.

Since it’s rare that I get all of these things done in one day, I like to keep a monthly tracker in my bullet journal, so I can see when I last cleaned something and (hopefully) can stop it from becoming completely gross.

I try to do a big clean, encompassing all of the steps below, every couple of weeks, but obviously, if I’ve hosted a gathering or just generally been a slob, I do it more frequently.
Without further ado, let’s get into the steps!

1. The 15 Minute Tidy Up.
I try to do this every day, but in reality, it’s every couple of days. Since I have a small house, with only 6 rooms, I can pretty much get my house totally tidy within this time. I try to do this every evening, as part of my bedtime routine, but if I have time in the morning, I like to get everything sorted out before I go to work/uni.

2. Clean the Jane Austen Table (otherwise known as my Flex Space)
In my living room, I have an old desk, which my mother Christened the ‘Jane Austen desk’ because she thinks it looks like the place Lizzie Bennet would write letters. This is always the first area I clean. That way, when I’m cleaning up the rest of the house, I can put anything I need to process here. That could be papers I was to scan, or things I need to burn (if they contain sensitive information).

3. Create a list of ‘oddball tasks’.
Melody has a really comprehensive list of oddball tasks on her blog, so to save some effort, I’ll just link that here.

Mine are generally pretty simple:

  • Dark laundry
  • Light laundry
  • Towels/bedlinen laundry
  • Dispose of sensitive papers
  • Reorganise ___
  • Declutter ___
  • Clean fridge
  • Clean microwave

These tasks are things that I don’t have to do every single time I clean my house, but they have to be considered every now and then!

4. Do all dishes in the kitchen.
During the 15 minute tidy up, all the dishes will have bene gathered in/beside the sink, so this is relatively simple.

Wash. Dry. Put away… You all know how to wash dishes!

5. Wipe down all surfaces.
My thoroughness for this one varies depending on my mood. Most of the time, I’ll just wipe down any high-traffic surfaces (like tables, dressers and the mantelpiece). But, once a month at least, I try to take everything off my bookshelves and cubed unit to give them a good clean too. Note: White furniture sucks to clean, it shows dirt really easily and can get covered in streaks of dust if you’re not careful – for that reason, this can become a

Note: White furniture sucks to clean, it shows dirt really easily and can get covered in streaks of dust if you’re not careful – for that reason, this can become a slightly laborious task.

6. Clean all mirrors and windows.
This one is much simpler. I think I have a grand total of 5 mirrors in my house, so this takes very little time.

As for windows, I live in a two story house, so only the insides get done frequently. Then, a few times a year, my Dad comes down to power hose the outsides (he’s too protective of his power washer to ever let me near it – it’s his baby)

7. Wipe down every knob, handle and switch.
There’s a delicate balance with this one. Clean them too often, and you’re more likely to get sick (it’s the whole hand-sanitiser immunity thing all over again). But, every couple of weeks, I think it’s important to de-germ all those areas you’re touching all the time like door handles, drawer knobs, light switches, taps etc. Especially if you, or someone you live with, has been unwell lately!

8. Wipe down kitchen and bathroom tiles.
I’m never too thorough about this one. Since my house used to be a rental, older tenants have left the tiles filthy – a good clean is coming once the holidays hit.

For now, a few sprays of antibacterial and a quick run over with a scouring sponge is as good as it gets.

9. Dust in all my corners.
This is my least favourite task. It hurts my arm, my neck and I never seem to make a noticeable difference! For that reason, I tend to do doddle, a quick swift over the corners is more than sufficient.

10. Hoover all the skirting boards.
Those things get really dusty, and can be forgotten about when I do my weekly vacuum.

11. Hoover all the floors.
This is pretty self-explanatory. I include the stairs and all my hardwood floors in this as it’s easier than brushing, and preps them to be mopped.

12. Bleach toilet.
Enough said.

13. Clean bathroom sink and bath.
This one can be time-consuming, but I find that my ceramic bath stays pretty clean and my plastic sink always looks dirty no matter how much I clean (yet another summer project).

14. Complete oddball tasks.
Anything that you marked out as an oddball task in Step 3 can be done now (or at least, as much as you can stomach).

15. Empty bins.
Obviously, this means inside bins, the outside bin is only collected on a Friday, and there’s no way I can time my cleaning well enough to make sure the outside bin is due to be emptied – it waits a while.

16. Mop all hard floors.
This has to be the last step, especially if I don’t want to tramp all over my freshly washed floors! I just use a little bit of floor cleaner and my mop and go to town.

If I’m in a bit of a rush, I’ll only do downstairs (as I have a no-shoes policy upstairs).


So there you have it! I’m sorry if this seems like a lot of cleaning, especially if you have a massive house/massive family. Hopefully you’ll be able to draw inspiration from some of in, maybe it’ll be something as simple as using a cleaning tracker to stay on top of it all.

For whatever reason, I hope you found this useful. Happy Spring Cleaning, and I’ll see you tomorrow for another instalment of Routines Week.

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