Minimalist Pamper Routine

We all have those days. Days when you just need a bit of a pamper. I’m a busy person so I won’t claim to do all these things every time I get stressed (if I did, I’d never be out of the bath). But once a fortnight or so, I set aside an evening in my bullet journal for a little bit of TLC.

As part of my Routines Week, I’m going to walk you through my full Death-con-7 style pamper routine.

1. Take off all makeup and nail polish (fingers and toes).
Not only does it feel great to take off your face after a long day, but it’ll also help your pores open up in the shower, and will stop your fingers from reeking of acetone for the rest of the evening!

2. Put on some music.
You pretty much have free reign here. I’d recommend either something you find relaxing or uplifting, it’s your call. Depending on my mood, I’m almost always listening to either the La La Land soundtrack or, more recently, Divide.
But don’t worry if you’re not feeling like listening to tunes, pick out a good audiobook and try that instead.

3. Light every candle in the house.
I pretty much have candles in every room of the house, so I light em up! I also like to turn off all my ceiling lights, and instead illuminate the house with a combination of candles, lamps and fairy lights for a little bit of ambiance.

4. Run a bath, and make a mug of peppermint tea.
I don’t think there’s a whole lot to explain about this one. If you’re not a peppermint tea fan, substitute your favourite relaxing drink here. Try to make it something you only enjoy on a pamper evening, that way you’ll find it even more luxurious.

5. Get in the bath with a LUSH bath bomb, your tea, and a good book.
The book is optional… and so is the bath bomb, but they come highly recommended. There are few things as relaxing as getting into a raspberry scented, pink, bubble bath with a really good audiobook playing and a cup of warm tea. Bliss.
For all those who are thinking ‘gosh I hate baths’, I used to hate them too. But all I had to do was change the way I think about them. My baths aren’t long, they aren’t at all for cleaning purposes and they’re strictly ‘me time’ – my opinion has been thoroughly changed.

6. Have a very, very long shower.
Now it’s time to actually get clean, and I’m talking the works. Use your favourite shampoo, a hair mask, wash your face, shave everywhere you desire (except your eyebrow, you might regret that one) and get yourself squeaky clean.

7. Moisturise.
I’m really bad about doing this daily (or even semi-regularly) but I try to always make time on a pamper evening. I’ve been using my Yes To Coconuts spray for this. It’s quite nice so far, but like I said earlier, I’m in no way consistent enough to say if it’s actually a good moisturiser. It does absorb quickly and smell great though, and that’s enough for me!

8. Get into PJ’s.
Because clothes should never be a part of relaxing.

9. Dry and straighten hair.
I’d love to say that I’m really good and give my hair a break on pamper nights, but unfortunately that’s just not true. I always get a chill and feel sick if I let my super thick hair dry naturally. Plus, it gives me so much peace of mind if I know I won’t have to worry about my hair the next morning. And that’s what this is all about, feeling calm.

10. Put on a movie.
For the rest of these steps, I like to have a little bit of entertainment, and a movie is perfect for that. A rom-com always goes down well on a pamper night, but whatever you want to watch – you do you!

11. Face mask, nose strip.
While the movie plays, I like to apply my Face Mask from the Body Shop and then, after rinsing, a Biore blackhead strip. My skin always feels amazing afterward.

12. Paint my finger and toe-nails.
To allow proper drying time, this is always my last step. I’m a neutrals person, so a simple coat of polish is really all I do here. But this is probably the best part of the whole routine. If I don’t have a couple of hours to do the whole thing, my nails almost always take priority!

So there we have it, my simple pamper routine. I hope you guys find this useful and are enjoying Routines Week as much as I am.

If you don’t have a pamper routine already, I’d highly recommend making one – they don’t have to be complicated and they’re so worth it!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments! What do you do to relax and unwind?

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