Routines Week | An Introduction

It’s been a while since my last series and I was missing them, so I’m very excited for this week! Since I’m currently approaching the point in the semester where you realise how little you know and start worrying about failing all your modules, this is going to have to be a quick one – a mini-series, if you will.

As part of my new year’s resolutions, I’ve been developing some routines to help shape my week and cope with living by myself. I’ve alluded to some of these in my Dear February and Dear March posts, and I promised to give you more detail. So, I figured, why not just get a few of them out of the way in one fell swoop – that’s where routines week comes in.

Before you get too excited, I still don’t have a solid morning/evening routine, so don’t hold your breath for those, but you can look forward to my cleaning, pamper and planning routines (not to mention a very special post on Friday).

I hope you guys are excited for this week, and that it’s done something to alleviate those Monday blues.

See you tomorrow (you have no idea how much I’ve missed typing that!)

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