30 Times To Try An Audiobook

As I’m sure you know by now, I’m a big audiobook lover, but so many people have told me that they just don’t see the point in listening to an audiobook, when you could just as easily pick it up and read it normally. For me, it’s all about efficiency of time.
Today’s post is a list of 20 times when I can’t read a physical book, but audiobooks work beautifully. By reading these times, I essentially double my reading time throughout the week, meaning I get through more books and you get more reviews… you’re welcome.

  1. On your drive to work
  2. On a plane ride
  3. On a train ride
  4. When you’re out walking
  5. On your lunchbreak
  6. While you tidy
  7. While you garden
  8. While you shower
  9. While you bathe
  10. While you do your hair and make up
  11. While you get dressed
  12. While you shop
  13. While you draw
  14. While you plan
  15. While you lay in bed, just before sleep
  16. Over your first cup of tea/coffee in the morning
  17. While you workout
  18. While you go for a run/jog
  19. When you’re waiting for a bus
  20. When you’re waiting for a friend
  21. When your taxi hasn’t arrived yet
  22. When you’re queueing for your lunch
  23. When you’re queueing for an event
  24. During advert breaks
  25. When you’re organising
  26. While you follow along with the physical copy
  27. While you practice some deep breathing exercises
  28. While you do laundry
  29. While you’re running errands
  30. While you sit comatosed on your sofa because the book is just that good! (this only happens with the best of audiobooks)

So there you go, 30 ways you can double your reading time with a good audiobook. When/Where do you read audiobooks? Are there any good places I’ve missed?

15 thoughts on “30 Times To Try An Audiobook

  1. I love this list!! Such great ideas. It’s also really handy that you can download audiobooks, even from the library, on to your phone, so really can listen in those in-between moments when you’re waiting or have a break of simply doing nothing else.


  2. As a corollary of #15, while you’re sharing a hotel room with someone who wants the lights out early so you can’t read visually. I speak from personal experience 😉


  3. Well now, all my excuses to not try an audiobook is gone-nervous laughter. I’m just kidding, I would definitely try an audiobook, they seem useful, and I may just want to read a book while I run, so who knows?


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