Bedside Table Declutter | #FeBoost Day 11

There are few areas in my home that are as poorly organised as my bedside table. For some reason, when I start thinking about bed, my body thinks it’s hibernation and begins randomly picking up items ‘in case of emergency’. Today, we need to fight or inner bear instinct and take back the bedside table.

  1. Lay it all out. Take all the items out of the drawer and lay them on your bed or floor. If you were using pouches or containers to feign tidiness, empty them, you want to see every single item you keep in there.
  2. Make piles. If the item can live somewhere else in the house, make a pile, it might be the medicine cabinet, your office, your make up storage, your technology basket, the bin etc.
  3. Think about your morning and night routines. What do you need to successfully go to bed and wake up? Personally, that means a book, phone charger, bullet journal, pen and a box for my false teeth (it’s an eclectic mix I’ll grant you). Put these items to the side, they’re keepers.
  4. Think about emergencies, within the bounds of reason. If you’re prone to nosebleeds, keep tissues. If you’re asthmatic, keep an inhaler. If you get a dry throat, keep a bottle of water. Think about the common ailments that befall you in bed and keep your saviour on hand. But please, don’t go overboard, the hockey stick in case a masked-intruder breaks in is a little excessive.
  5. Move the items you’re not keeping to their new homes and put the keepers back in your bedside table.

There. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Hopefully that’ll simplify your night time routine and be less of a wrestle when you’re dying for a tissue but can’t get past your lip balm, spare car keys and that screwdriver.

I can’t believe tomorrow’s the last day of this challenge, or that today is technically our last day of physical decluttering (I have something special planned for tomorrow, I know you’re intrigued!). I really hope you’ve found this useful, make sure you show me your beautiful new bedside table on Instagram or Twitter using #FeBoost. See you tomorrow (that’s going to be the last time I write that for a while!)

4 thoughts on “Bedside Table Declutter | #FeBoost Day 11

  1. Well, this is a place I should declutter. I only need a notebook and a pen, whatever I’m reading, phone charger, water, hand cream and lip balm. The rest should go. Thanks for the great post!


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