Phone Declutter | #FeBoost Day 9

Now that we’ve decluttered your computer, it’s time to move on to your phone. If you’re like me, and your phone is never out of your hand, it can get a little cramped in there with all the things you thought would be useful, but just end up eating your memory. Today’s goal is to have a phone that is useful and personal, without being sluggish and difficult to use.

  1. Let’s start slow, notifications. There’s nothing worse for your concentration that your screen lighting up every two seconds, making you itch to check your Instagram. However, turning off all your notifications isn’t entirely realistic… only a ringing phone has to be answered. For me, I allow notifications from my calls, messages, Facebook messenger and whatsapp, every other notification can wait until I decide it’s time to open the app. This way, the control is in my hands, you’ll be surprised how little you actually end up opening the apps – it won’t be nearly as much as before.
  2. Apps. We all do it, we have all downloaded a game in anticipation for a long bus ride or a new calorie counter to start eating healthy, but the reality is that if you don’t use it frequently, it’s just taking up space. I personally start by organising my apps into folders (it’s similar to how Marie Kondo subdivides clothes) that way I can see all my similar apps beside one another and decide which ones I actually need. Once I’ve deleted all the superfluous apps, I like to store them all on one page, utilising a few folders on the bottom row (for photography apps, utilities etc) that way everything is visible and easily accessible.
  3. Go through your content. If you’re unsure what’s on your phone, it might help to look at your storage in the settings menu and see what’s taking up the biggest chunks. Move your photos to an online storage facility, undownload ebooks you’ve finished (or ones you have yet to start), make sure all your music is listenable… just common sense really.
  4. Messages and Calls. Straight up, wipe your call log (if you have unsaved numbers, maybe add those to your contacts first). Delete old text message conversations, especially ones from your phone provider, and archive old conversations on WhatsApp or other messaging apps.

Your phone is a tool to help you in your everyday life, it shouldn’t be a means of controlling you. By taking back control over your mobile, you’ll free up so much time in your day, your productivity is going to hit the roof! I’m so proud that you’ve come this far, digital decluttering can be rough, especially if you have a strong online presence, it takes a lot of willpower to cut those ties. Let me know how you’re getting on in the comments, or on Instagram or Twitter with the #FeBoost. See you all tomorrow morning!

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