The Linen Declutter | #FeBoost Day 3

This day should be pretty easy for you all, especially after clothes and books for the past few days! Today we’re going to be decluttering our linen as a bit of light relief, but it’ll still free up a heap of space under your bed or in your hot-press.

1. Gather all your linens. Linens are one of those categories that seem to scatter themselves around every nook and cranny of your home. To help you out, here’s an idea of what you’re looking for:

  • Towels
  • Bedlinen (pillowcases, duvet covers, sheets etc)
  • Throw blankets/pillows
  • Tea towels and dish rags
  • Tablecloths/runners

2. Decide on your own personal quota. Personally, I find 2 is usually enough, that way I can have one in use and one in the wash. The only area where I exceed this quota is in the kitchen, where I have 4 tea towels and around a dozen dish rags (which is still probably a little excessive).

3. Focus on the ones you love. Don’t allow your quota to trick you into keeping excess things. If you love your Egyptian cotton duvet set, and would be happy to take it off the bed in the morning, wash it, and put it back on on the same day, why do you need to keep a second set?

4. You might find the following questions helpful:

  • Does it match the overall aesthetic of the room?
  • Does it feel nice against your skin when you use it?
  • Would you be embarrassed to have it in your home if someone saw? (either because it’s stained or because it’s cover in Hello Kitty)
  • Is it easy to change when it gets dirty? (does it have popper fasteners or buttons etc?)

5. Donate/discard. Animal shelters are a great place for linen donations, they need stuff like this to keep the puppies warm, so make sure you have a google about possibilities in your local area. If something is in really shocking condition, you may just have to bin it.

That’s it for today guys, hopefully that was relatively stress free! You’re now almost a quarter of the way through this challenge, I’d love to hear if you’ve seen any difference in your space on twitter or instagram! See you tomorrow!

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