The Library Declutter | #FeBoost Day 2

So how’d we all get on yesterday? Hopefully decluttering your wardrobe helped get you off to a good start!

Since this is a bookish blog, I’m guessing a lot of you will find today tough, so I want to make something clear before we get into the tips. When I did this declutter, I only got rid of around 5 books. If you’ve seen my Library Tour, you’ll know that’s a very small percentage of my overall collection. However, as my shelves are filled with books I love, every title brings me so much happiness, I’d never even dream of parting with them. It’s not about the quantity of stuff you get rid of, but the quality of the stuff you keep.

My main tip when it comes to decluttering in general, but specifically with books, is to focus on what you love, rather than on what you’re getting rid of. It’s not about the number of things you’re left with, it should be about the feeling those things give you. With that in mind, I love my bookshelf and so I’m never ashamed to keep the titles I love.

However, it is still important to go through your shelves every now and then. As a fairly vocal reader, I’m given a lot of books as presents, and as a picky reader, there’s a lot of titles I’ll read and not enjoy. There is no reason to have these cluttering up my home, especially when there’s someone else out there who could get a lot more value from them.

So let’s get cracking!

1. Take all the books out. I’m sure this is no surprise. By taking all the books off your shelf, they cease to blend into the woodwork and highlight how many books you actually own, and how much space they are taking up.

2. Handle every book. One of my biggest tips, is to think of every book individually. For example, if you got a box setShakespeare classics, but you hate Romeo and Juliet, you should judge each individual book, not the collection as a whole. Similarly, with series, if you loved the first book, but hated the rest of the series, what’s the point in hanging onto the later books? You’re never going to read them again, and they might bring a lot of excitement to a die-hard fan of the series.

3. Ask yourself questions. Guiding questions can be really helpful when decluttering. For books I tend to ask myself 3 simple things:

  • Is this one of my favourite books? (if not, why am I keeping it around?)
  • Will I ever reread this book?
  • Would I recommend this book to a friend or family member?

(If the answer’s no, say goodbye)

4. Reshelving. Depending on how extensive your collection is, this could be a challenge. When you start reshelving, try to shake up the way you organise your books. It’ll really help to make your set up look different, and give the impression of a bigger change in your space. Your bookcase can become a focal and functional point in the room with the proper staging – take your time and get it right!

5. If you’re a blogger/vlogger/instagramer/tweeter or any other type of influencer, why not do an unhaul? This is a great opportunity to talk about those books one last time, helping you to let go of them for good.

6. Rehome/Donate/Sell. When I declutter my shelves, I always try to offer the books to a friend if possible, especially if someone jumps to mind the second I see the cover. If I can’t think of anyone, or if it’s a book you wouldn’t want to inflict on a friend, donate it to a local charity shop. Personally, I find selling to be a massive pain in the butt when it comes to books, but if it’s in a good enough condition, you might want to give it a shot, either online or at a car boot sale. But remember, don’t let your ‘to sell’ pile hang around for too long!

Even if you only got rid of one book today, that’s very impressive (especially for my fellow bibliophiles). I promise I’ll give you an easy day tomorrow! Make sure you keep me updated on Instagram and Twitter!

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