FeBoost | Introduction

So, how’re we all doing? It’s been a whole month since we made those optimistic resolutions. We planned it all out, we could see it so clearly in our heads – and then life got in the way. You stuck to them like glue for the first week, maybe two if you were really dedicated, but in time we all fell off the bandwagon.

Well folks, your guardian angel is here to help you get back on track. From February 1st – February 12th I’ll be posting every day here on MissAbigail with a Simplify Your Life Challenge. Every day there’ll be a new area to declutter, and a step by step guide to help you get there.

It’s easy to fall away from your goals when there’s so much getting in yuor way, one of the easiest ways of minimising distraction is minimising clutter.

This challenge will focus on physical decluttering, helping you get yourself together and make your space lighter, meaning you have more room for the things you want to do.

I did a massive KonMari style declutter last year, and despite that, I still found a few huge boxes of stuff that I was now ready to get rid of!

If the next few weeks are hectic for you, feel free to self-pace. If you have a massive wardrobe filled with clothing, you might want to give yourself a whole weekend. If you have an extensive home library it might be a difficult day for you, so space it out, this is about feeling free not feeling stressed.

I hope you’ll join me on this challenge, and keep me up to date using the #FeBoost tag on Twitter and Instagram! It’s time to get back on track and kick those New Years Resolutions in the butt!

I think that’s all for today, I’ll see you on February 1st! (Well, actually I’ll see you tomorrow with my January Wrap Up, but that just sounded like a better conclusion…)

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