Dear February

So, here we are. It’s been almost a month since I showed it all in my Dear January series and set out what I wanted to achieve this year. So far The Year of Solo has been going so so. I have been a lot more streamlined with my commitments, I’ve really allowed myself to focus on what I want to do, and what I think will be beneficial (meaning I’ve devoted quite a bit of time to these resolutions).
This monthly series is going to be a recap of how my month has shaped up, the small changes or progressions I’ve made, to get myself closer to the lifestyle set out in my New Years Resolutions. Hopefully, it’ll inspire you all to look back at your own micro-successes and see how far you’ve come even if the effects aren’t that visible yet!
This has probably been my biggest area of success this month. As I write this, I am painfully close to 150 followers here on WordPress – that’s crazy! If you read my 2017 Goals, you’ll know that my goal for the whole year was 100 followers, it’s not even the end of January and we have well surpassed that – go team!
Also, this month I launched my bookstagram which has shot up to nearly 300 followers in less than a couple of weeks. Thanks so much to everybody who has taken the time to follow, like, comment or heck even just read anything I’ve posted, it means so much to me… you guys are the best!
Finally, how could I move on without mentioning my first ever collaboration with the lovely Mandy over at BookPrincessReviews. It was so much fun to write and it was really well received, I’m definitely going to try and do more things like this in the future!
I haven’t been quite as successful here. I have created an ideal morning/evening routine and have it written out in my bullet journal. However, I’m still struggling a little bit with the implementation. I think once I’m back at university, I’ll have a bit more structure in my week which should help a lot with this one.
My student loan came through, yey! It just about paid off Christmas, boo! I’ve sent off a heap of paperwork recently to be allowed to work in a daycare, hopefully once that’s processed I’ll get a few hours of work there to pay off some of my student brokenness.
With the American presidential inauguration this month, I feel like a lot of the articles I have been reading have been about Trump, I might need to diversify a little more next month. I did watch quite a few IMDb Top 250 movies though. I think I watched 6 in total this month; Fight Club, Casablanca, La La Land, Star Wars IV, Star Wars V and Star Wards VI (can you tell I had a Star Wars movie marathon?)
I had a massive declutter this month, but one of the most drastic areas was my nail polish collection. I bought 4 polishes from the Barry M Coconut Infusion line (which are amazing!) and definitely think I could have a nail polish collection solely consisting of Barry M Colours. I did keep a few of my old favourites to use up, even though they aren’t cruelty-free, but hopefully they won’t be hanging around for too much longer.
I have gone for a few walks this month, but I think I really need to get my routine sorted if I want it to become a daily feature.
I’ve also been playing a lot of Just Dance with my family recently which has proven to be quite a good workout!
My main area of improvement in this regard was my emotional and mental health. I’d been feeling quite overwhelmed and out of control lately, so having a massive declutter really helped to clear my mind and get my head back in the game.
I haven’t made as much progress here as I would have liked, but I did download a few different apps that have proven to be quite useful.
On my ESV bible app (which I’ve had for years) there are a few different free daily devotional packages. About a week ago, I started the 31 Days in Proverbs section. I didn’t want to commit to a yearlong section right off the bat, I thought it would seem a little overwhelming, but the goal is obviously to continue reading daily from here on out.
I tend to read the ESV app in the evenings and have the Daily Bible Inspirations apps to read quickly in the morning. Every day just has a short bible verse, and it allows you to set reminders for yourself – a very handy feature!
Finally, I also downloaded a simple prayer app and have devised a very basic prayer mould. Every night, before bed, I say a prayer which must include; a sorry, a please, a thank you, and a thought for someone else. As the days go on, I’d like to use this app more as a place to store and sort prayer requests or ideas throughout the day, but it’s all a process.
Now, on to my reading goals.
In terms of my Goodreads challenge, I got off to a pretty good start and have read 10 books in the past month. It’s not as many as I’d hoped, but it’s not bad.
I also participated in Diversathon from 22nd-29th and read 4 books from a Diverse range of authors over the course of the 8 days. It was a really useful week because some of my uni reading fit the bill and took some of the more daunting titles off my TBR.
I didn’t technically read a Bookclub Book this month, but I did catch up on the December pick from sunbeamsjess (The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead), hopefully I’ll be able to get back on this next month.
I took a trip to Dublin this month, just for a few days, with my boyfriend. I know it’s not Scotland, but it was a really lovely trip, we had a great couple of days.
It also spurred us to book a trip to London at the beginning of February, so it won’t be long until I can tick that one off.
– Relaunch my twitter account (please, please, please, if you have any suggestions for social media planning/scheduling apps I’d love to know about them!)
– Make a dent in my large pile of ARC’s.
– Start implementing my morning and evening routines.

Make sure you let me know how you’ve been getting on with your New Years Resolutions down in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Dear February

  1. Congratulations on reaching almost 150 followers! Here’s hoping you double that in this coming year 💖 Good luck with February, I hope it’s a great month for you 😊🌸


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