The Entertainer Blogger Award

This is so exciting! My first blogger award nomination! Thank you so much Diana for the nomination, be sure to go and check out her blog @DianaPrinceReviews.

I guess we should just get right into this…

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Add these rules to your post.
  3. Answer all the questions below.
  4. Display the award picture in your post.
  5. Nominate 7 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most important of all ENTERTAINING!

The Questions

Q1. Why did you start a blog in the first place?

I started this blog shortly after I started uni. I realised, that if I continued the way I was going, reading was going to become a chore and I was going to end up sacrificing all the things I loved about reading in order to get my degree. This space gives me a place to talk about books and a reason to read things I’m interested in rather than just the syllabus!

Q2. What is your favourite book?

Umm… ehh… hmm… that’s really hard. My favourite book of 2016 was Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon, but I’m not sure if that’s my favourite book ever. I’m a big fan of Wuthering Heights, but that may sound a little pretentious… sorry!

Q3. What do you dislike the most?

As a bookish person, I’ll go with something literary. It’s got to be pathetic female characters. I have never identified as a feminist, but I get very cross when a female protagonist is whiny and leaves all the tough decisions for the men folk while she relishes in her little love triangle.

Q4. What is your favourite food item from the mall?

I am assuming that the UK equivalent is a shopping centre, whenever I make the trip to the big city, my dinner of choice is Nandos… expect when it’s Wagamama’s.

Q5. What is your favourite pastime?

I know reading is the expected answer, but it’s probably actually planning. I am a total planner nut!

I Nominate…








11 thoughts on “The Entertainer Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on your award, Abigail! You definitely deserve it 🙂 Great answers, btw. I very much dislike pathetic female characters, too. They annoy me far too easily with their constant complaining and helplessness haha. Those characters are so hard to read. And yay! I love to plan, too. I actually find it somewhat relaxing haha. And thanks so much for the tag!! ❤ I'll try to get to this one as soon as possible!


  2. Thank you for the tag. Appreciate the thought. However, since I am relatively new to being active on wordpress, I am passing on tag style posts to concentrate on reviews [I review every book I read] and personal posts.

    but here are my answers here:
    1) I started my blog to keep track of the books I read because the paper notebook I was using was falling apart.

    2) Dune by frank herbert. It gets better every time I read it.

    3) Love triangles. Real adults in the real world don’t act like 16 year olds. At least, most of the time.

    4) Maybe a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s? Not a big mall food guy.

    5) Reading. and writing reviews 🙂


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