2017 | Vision Board

It’s all very well and good writing out a huge list of goals for the coming year, but if you can’t stay motivated, what’s the point? That’s where the vision board comes in.

Some people like the Vision Board as a standalone element to their New Years Resolutions, but I really link mine to capture my theme for the year and represent as many of my existing goals as possible.

Personally, I find most of my pictures for this sort of thing on We Heart It (but Pinterest or Google Images are just as good if you prefer them).

Instead of risking repeating myself, I won’t go through what each of these images represents in too much detail. Instead, I’ll just refer you back to my first post in this series where I talk about the meaning behind these images in a lot more depth.

As a minimalist person, I don’t like vision boards involving magazines, glue or overlapping – instead, I prefer a cleaner aesthetic, and so I tend to use an app like PicFrame on my iPhone to group all my images together.

I really lucked out this year, and 9 categories turned out to be the most aesthetically appealing image choice (unintentional, but welcome).

To avoid further ramblings, here’s my 2017 vision board:


If you had to sum up your dream for 2017 in one image what would it be? I think mine would be this one:


It’s simple, he’s happy, he’s the only one in the picture – need I say more?

Let me know what your image would be in the comments!

See you tomorrow!

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