My 2017 Bullet Journal | Blogmas

I’m assuming that if you ended up here you’re either a practising or aspiring planner, so I won’t waste words explaining to you all the benefits of planning your life and staying on top of things.

If you’re a total control freak like me, you may struggle with a traditional planner with a really rigid structure. I know I did, and that’s how I found bullet journaling. I love the freedom of just taking a notebook and tailoring every inch to suit you – and so, I’ve been using it daily for the past 6 months.

With the new year approaching, and the pages in my current book dwindling, I decided to pick up a new notebook. Yes, I caved, and I have joined the bullet journal band by getting a leuchtturm 1917. It’s a much neater size than my paperblanks book, and the pre-numbered pages are a simple, but beautiful, luxury.

But this isn’t a review of the notebook, it’s a look into my planning system, so I won’t bore you anymore! I do not have any pictures of my index, but it’s just an index – nothing special.

My first spread is my 5 year plan. Yes, this sounds a little anal, but while I’m at uni, I find it really helpful to have a visual representation of where I’m going. Essentially, I have written down 3 tasks I’d like to complete each year in order to grow and build my CV. It’s not the most interesting spread, but it’s functional.

My next page is my Level 10 Life Spread, I’m not going to claim this as my own, because I didn’t even adapt it really, I copied it almost exactly from bohoberry. Here’s a link to her video explaining the chart, I found it very helpful for maintaining balance in my life these past few months.

Then we move straight into my January planning, I didn’t waste time with a tonne of pre-prepared collections, it just didn’t seem worthwhile, but I’m sure a few more will join the ranks as time goes on.

For January, my planning is very simple…

First I have my monthly log

Then my gratitude log

And finally my blog planner

As you can see, I’m trying to keep my planning simple for the new year, adding things as and when I need them, rather than starting firey and being unable to keep up.

Last but not least, there’s my new weekly spreads. This spread has slowly been evolving since I started uni, and it’s taking on a whole new life in this bullet journal. To avoid repeating myself, I’ll leave a link to my previous post where I talk about most of the aspects of this system, but here are the few new additions:

  1. The main to do. Previously, my main to do’s were listed at the bottom of the left-hand page, now the box corresponds directly with the day in question, keeping me way more focused. The young Sherlock’s among you may have noticed that there is no such box for Saturday. This is an intentional oversight, I tend to think of Saturday as a day of rest and a bit of a ‘catch up’ day, so there’s rarely a major task I have to accomplish.
  2. The habit tracker. I have a bad record with habit trackers, but I’m wondering if a weekly system (rather than monthlies) would help me stay on track. In this prototype, I’m tracking 4 simple tasks:
    1. Wake up early (meaning before 8:00)
    2. Go for a walk.
    3. Read (for pleasure, not just for uni)
    4. Read my bible at least once either in the morning or evening.
  3. HELP! You may notice the blank space on the left-hand page… I have no idea what to put there, suggestions are extremely welcome!

So there you have it, it isn’t much, but hopefully it inspires you to get a head start on your planning for the new year!

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