12 Facts About Me

As an early Christmas present, today I’m going to be giving you 25 facts about me, one for each day of Blogmas. Now, before we start, you must promise me not to use these for evil – this is strictly between us! Got it? Good, then we can start…


  1. I took a gap year and went to New Zealand. I’m almost certain that I’ve mentioned this in some of my posts, but just in case, here you go. I worked in a boys boarding school in Auckland for a year and travelled all over New Zealand, Australia and South-East Asia any chance I got!
  2. I am in a long distance relationship. As I write this, my boyfriend is in New Zealand (where he lives) packing up his bags to come and visit me for a couple of months – I’m very excited. We met last year while I was on my gap year and we’ve been going out for almost  a year and a half.
  3. I wear dentures. Much like your granny who has to pop out her teeth and set them on her nightstand, many of my teeth do not permanently reside in my mouth. Thankfully I can tell you that it’s not because I have shocking oral hygiene, but just a simple matter of genetics, I have 10 adult teeth missing (or more accurately don’t have 10 adult teeth, never have and never will) and so I wear false ones – I have been told you can’t tell.
  4. I still have my rag doll. I’m sure many of you uni students have a childhood memento like this, mine is a ragdoll named Suzzi (I developed this particularly spelling when I was 7) who was given to be for my first Christmas and will be 20 years old on Christmas day.
  5. I have a cat. Well, I suppose now that I’ve moved out technically my family has a cat. Her name is Mittens and I’m quite sure you’ll be able to spot her on my Instagram – I’m terribly mean and like to dress her up at Christmas.
  6. I really want a pair of Guinea Pigs. The entirety of my Christmas wishlist this year has been Guinea Pigs. Because I live alone, I could really use the company, I already have their names picked out – hopefully, Santa get the hint!
  7. I have really good skin. Not to brag, but my skin is fantastic, I rarely get spots and never had any problem with acne. If I had one complaint, it can be a little dry, but that’s what moisturiser is for.
  8. I play the piano, violin and I sing. I doubt you’ll ever get the chance to avail of these amazing talents, but I am a big fan of music and spent a lot of my teenage years running to and from lessons, concerts and exams.
  9. I get a cold if I don’t get enough sleep. If I don’t get at least 8-9 hours of sleep I will undoubtedly wake up the next morning with the sniffles – it’s not even a joke.
  10. My favourite TV show of all time is MASH. If you’ve never watched MASH, please mend your ways, I’ll be more than happy to lend you my box set (although it might just be easier to watch it online).
  11. I am a Christian. I’ve been going to church since I was born and became a Christian when I was nine years old, yet another reason why I am obsessed with Christmas.
  12. I copy mannerisms. I’ve only started to notice this recently, but when I’m talking to someone, I guess to subconsciously make them feel at ease, I copy their mannerisms or speech patterns. I’m sure I’m not the only one to do this, but it’s hilarious when you catch yourself making a hand gesture you would never normally make when you’re talking to someone new!


And there you go, sorry I’m not more interesting! I’d love to get to know you all better so please leave me a comment down below!

4 thoughts on “12 Facts About Me

  1. fyi, when you followed me, wordpress showed your site as missabigail.wordpress.com which led to an empty site, instead of this site. I have no idea why or how that all works [as I’m relatively new to using wordpress full time] but figured I’d let you know.


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