November | Wrap Up

It’s officially December! The month of Christmas! This makes me so excited I can’t even explain it to you all!

Today, I’m bringing you my November wrap up. Since I do a book review for every single book I read, this post is going to serve as more of a summary of my reading for the month, a very basic look at the books I’ve read and a way of getting an overview of my thoughts.

You’ll get the gist of the layout as I go along, but I’ve got to give credit to BooksandLala, for the inspiration.



The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

+ Beautifully written, with poetic imagery

+ A unique look at mental illness

+ Written semi-autobiographically

– Bleak throughout

– Could be very distressing, particularly for those triggered by suicidal references and illustration of depressive episodes


The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon


+ Vivid characters (especially Charlie, he may be an ass, by he was very believable)

+ Loved the multiple perspectives, really showed a lot of sides to the story

+ I loved the look at racial difference, and her representation of different races through their vocabulary and dialogue spelling

+ The cuteness of the story – Nicola Yoon is excellent at writing cuteness

– A little bit insta-lovey, but not too offensive


Girl at War by Sara Novic


+ Really enjoyed the sections in Croatia

+ Minimalist use of violence made it really impactful

+ Loved the first person narrative, especially the fist section from the perspective of a naive child

+ Set in the context of a book that I know nothing about, so was really informative

– The New York section (if you’ve read my review you’ll understand how much this irked me!)


You Will Not Have My Hate by Antoine Leiris


+ Very poignant, particularly as we remember the one year anniversary of this tragic event.

+ Love that it is autobiographical and so you can tell is a first-hand account.

+ Important to read about recent events, as well as historical pieces.

– Due to its translation from French, the language is simple.

– Some of the emotion of the imagery falls a little flat (however, this could be attributed, once again, to translation)


Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe


(Note: you’ll see this review in December – so this is really a sneak preview)

+ Made me feel Christmasy

+ Had funny moments and some entertaining sentences

– Characters were often one-dimensional and unrealistic

– Unneeded repetition and explanation throughout the writing

– Quite anti-feminist in its approach to romance


Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard


+ One of the few fantasy series that I enjoy reading

+ Loved learning about all the New Bloods different abilities

+ Mere is a surprisingly unoffensive main character, she doesn’t bug me nearly as much as some others (ahem, Katniss)

+ Cal… I think that’s all there is to say

– The ending was a little abrupt, but I guess that’s expected in a series.


In the interest of full disclosure, I’m currently just over halfway through Lolita, so hopefully that will be included in my December wrap up.

Overall, I think it was a pretty good reading month, between reading week and a relatively small school reading list I got through almost everything I wanted to. Stay tuned for my December TBR, it’ll probably be the next thing you see on here.

See you in a couple of days!


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